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  • May 20, 2018 - 4:21 PM


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    • Member since: 08/25/08
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 48
    • First location: Seattle, Washington, United States
    • Second location: Seattle, Washington, United States
    • Relationship Status: Single
    • Looking for: Friends, Dating or Relationship, Training Buddies, Online Chat
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Overweight
    • Height: 5' 9''
    • Weight: 263 lbs
    • Waist:
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Green
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: 24hr Fitness
    • Weight training: 3 times per week
      90 minutes per session
    • Cardio training: 3 times per week
      30 minutes per session
    • Sports I like: Football (American), Skiing, Soccer, Tennis, Weight training, Kayaking, Hiking
    • Other sports I like: Camping, Hiking I also want to start some martial art probably Akido. Also I like Urban Walkabouts. I like to poke around Seattle and see what is on the other side of the hill. I am new here so I still have a lot of new discoveries to uncover.
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    Update: 07/17/2011 Woohoo!! Just finished playing my 1st soccer scrimage since the 3rd grade and I didn't puke. It was the Sunday Soccer Kickabouts that runs. I even got an ataboy for a defensive save. Quite a few hunky guys there also.
    soccer shoes - $50
    soccer socks - $10
    soccer jerseys - $30
    finnaly living life - priceless
    Thanks guys

    Ok Ok Ok I posted my picture. Hiding from cameras has become ingrained habit over the years.

    RealJock: What can I say about this site? I have been on (and off this site for several years) but when I 1st found it, it just freak’n blew my mind away. I must have had the typical clichéd concept of what gay men looked like and how they acted. It finally sunk in that yes there are a lot of men that are INCREDIBLY good looking that like other men. Must have been lazy thinking not realizing that there have to be incredibly hunky guys that are gay, but when I finally saw the proof from verified picture after verified picture and read what they put in their profiles has had an undeniable impact on my acceptance of my own sexuality and my decision on starting to come out and date. Hmmm… page after page of hunky guys… yeah that could have an impact on wanting to date.

    I just moved to Capitol Hill in Seattle and just started dating for the 1st time in my life. Yes I was that self-repressed/in denial, until I finally met a couple of young guys who I didn’t know were gay and yet they were a couple. Seeing them so happy simply holding each other was like a 2x4 to my head on what I had been denying myself. It has taken me two years since then to advance to the point where I am actively looking for friendships and dating relationships (and yes that includes sleeping with men). A lot of that time has been me working through my body image issues. Still have them and they were starting to crumble, but, I ran into a guy that at 1st I just couldn’t understand but HE was really into ME…. Who would think I was desirable??? Hmmm. I am a really nice guy and I have a quirky sense of humor and I can be fun to be around so maybe I had been selling myself short… See, growth. I still have a long way to go but I am not going to be stopped. I want to live life not just let it pass by.

    Living life is something that I am really starting to drive into my life. To some of you it might not seem all that much but from where I was to what I am doing now. Huge change. I hardly watch TV anymore (compared to how much I used to watch) I just don’t have time. There are soooo many things I want to do and experience. Especially living in Seattle we only have a limited time with good outdoor weather and I am really pushing myself to find those activities that take me outside.

    One shift I have taken is WHY I want to lose weight. It is so I can actually do all of those things I want to do. Take soccer for example. I want to play soccer and I want to belong on a TEAM. I plan on at least trying the Sunday Soccer training/scrimmages w/ Raincity by next year. I am working on hill sprints so that I can have at least some endurance when running around and sound less like a freight train. And playing on a TEAM… That would be huge step for me. Last time I played on a team was 3rd grade soccer league which was shortly after the dinosaurs died out. I’ve watched a couple of the Raincity teams playing and being part of a group (a family, of belonging) is something I want to be a part of. Here is another example of WHY and I guess it is one of my secret dreams. I want to be able to move. I want to dance and not look like a dork. I want to run and jump and flip doing parkour. I want my body to move to MY directions not just because of the conservation of momentum (and mass). Yes Parkour might be contraindicated for someone of my size and I might be a little nuts but It is my dream and I want to move. Another WHY … losing weight frees up a lot of energy. You strap on 70Lb to your gut and 25Lb to your butt and see how much you want to do on a Saturday after working all week. Hmmm not so much fun….Less weight>more energy>more activities done> more life lived.

    So it comes down to I think I am coming close to finding the right ‘WHY I want to lose weight’. My WHY is now because it is for ME. Not so other people will like me or I can impress them. It is for me. So I can do and live the life I want to. Now as a side benefit if I do come across as a little more attractive, desirable so much the better.

    Things I am doing right now. Weight lifting. Primarily squats, dead lifts, military presses, pushups, pull-ups, Turkish getups, lunges, the basics just to get some strength back and give me a baseline. A couple of years ago I was really into crossfit but dropped it because I was doing it for the wrong reason. This time the reason to do it will be in alignment for what it does best, overall fitness and basic athletic growth. I hope to start it up again this fall and use it to just build my overall fitness. I am also doing Weight watchers and I can hardly believe it ME eating vegetables. Me eating vegetables (and cutting out potatoes). Broccoli has become a favorite of mine. I am also running sprints to develop some lung capacity and endurance.

    What do I do for fun? Even though I just moved to Seattle I had done a lot of exploring around here. And one of the things I found out about myself is I like seeing what is around the corner or just over the hill. I call it Urban walk-about . I still have a lot of exploring to do just in the downtown Seattle neighborhoods but if you want help finding a thundering outdoor 30ft water fall in downtown or find a concrete jungle gym that parkour Traceurs /free runners drool over hidden next to a skyscraper give me a shout out. And I have only scratched the surface. I can’t believe it but as I went through U-district it hit me that I HADN’T EVER GONE THROUGH U-DISTRICT and I have been living in the Puget Sound area for years. So many corners to peak around and hills to go over. Darn, I think I am going to have to learn to run just so I have the time to find all of these places.

    Living life isn’t all that much fun though if you don’t have friends along the way and I am really working on making myself not be shy. Trust me no one is a bigger wallflower than me. I have learned that I have to force myself out of my comfort zone to introduce myself. I am getting better at it and I am doing it more often. At Seattle’s Pride parade I met two great guys in from Salt Lake City for the weekend and we were able to have a good talk. Another guy (really cute) got away after only shaking his hand and four other cute guys that I chickened out on meeting. Slow progress, but, still progress.

    One thing that I really enjoy is hearing other guy’s stories. I really want to know where they are coming from and how they got to be the person they are. Everyone has a really amazing story and most don’t even realize it.

    So if you want a friend I am your guy. If you’re going on a hike let me know about it. Chances are I can make the time to go. I really really want to go to a Sounders game but I will be dammed before I go by myself, so, if you have a group that goes to the game drop me a line I would love to go. Same with movies. I guess it boils down to drop me a line.

    There is one other thing I will add in here (boy this is getting long) is that I really really like to give massages. If you need your back, shoulders, neck, legs, feet worked on I enjoy working on a guy. I don’t know how good I am since I haven’t had much experience but I am very motivated to get even better. So if you wouldn’t mind being my vict… um.. guinea pi…um..volunteer drop me a line.


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