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    • Member since: 12/21/11
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 32
    • First location: Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
    • Relationship Status: Single
    • Looking for: Friends, Dating or Relationship, Hookup, Online Chat
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Slim
    • Height: 5' 11''
    • Weight: 135 lbs
    • Waist: 28 inches
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Hazel
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym:
    • Weight training:
    • Cardio training:
    • Sports I like: Baseball, Basketball, Football (American), Skiing, Swimming, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Skydiving, Hiking
    • Other sports I like:
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    Let's begin with, I'm def not your typical gay boy. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I like to watch football, throw a few balls around in the park, go camping, go shooting, kayaking, rock-climbing ;-) I don't let my sexuality dictate who I am. I'm def out/open, but I don't like saying, "I am gay," because that doesn't define me, it's just a part of me. Just like if I had a 6th toe, I wouldn't say, "I am 6-toe," because it wouldn't make a difference to who I am. (Oh, and I don't have a 6th toe, btw) I mean, of course I'm not always like that man's man; God knows everyone has their moments...and I can queen out with the best of them, lol. So by the same token, I don't like to define myself as "butch" or "straight-acting" or "masculine" or whatever. I'm just a guy...I ski, travel, play baseball...annnnnnnd I just happen to like boys. Alot. Oh, and I love to cuddle :-p

    I'm pretty reserved and quiet, that's not supposed to be a cool aloofness, and it's def not because I think I'm better than anyone, it's just me. I enjoy watching the game as much as I enjoy curling up with a cute boy and a movie -- I think I've always been a little more mature than most people my age, but then I've been known to be wrong -- I need my time alone, but don't need convincing to go out and have a good time -- Say whatever you want to me, cause really truthfully not too much weirds me out...unless you start with like, "It turns me on to lick your toes," OK, that might be pushing it. But I mean, other than that, everything's pretty much fair game -- It's next to impossible to offend me or get me pissed off at you, but I won't let myself get rolled over either -- I don't think I'm a "grammer-Nazi," but it annoys me when people use the wrong form of "then-than," "to-too-two," "your-you're," "their-there-they're," "accept-except," "its-it's," etc. -- I have goals, I'm driven and ambitious, and am determined to leave a mark on the world -- I love my friends and family more than anything else in the world, and would do anything for them.

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    I've been in love and I've been hurt. I'm tired of the game, but I've learned from it. There's nothing I'd love more than a committed LTR. But I know what I want, and I'm not gonna compromise on that just for the sake of being with someone.

    I prefer cute rather than hot; and will take the sweetheart over the stud everytime.

    Maybe it's superficial, but I believe that all relationships must begin with a physical attraction. And since I'm looking for a beginning, I want someone young (18-30, preferable somewhere in the middle), slim/athletic/toned, but not too muscular or hairy. Cute, but not feminine or flaming. Masculine, but not heartless. Romantic, but not stifling. Sweet, but not annoying. Friendly, but not clingy. Emotional, but not emo. Intelligent, but not pretentious. Silly, with a serious side. Not ashamed, but not proud. Cuddly, but not needy. Waffle House AND Michel Richard Citronelle's. Flirtatious, but not a whore. Physical, but not rough. Horny, but not all about sex. Likes a quiet night in, but goes out occasionally. I want someone who's both my boyfriend and my best friend.


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