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    • Member since: 12/09/09
    • Last active: Today
    • Age: 51
    • First location: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
    • Second location: Lyndon, Kentucky, United States
    • Travel location: Jeffersontown, Kentucky, United States
    • Relationship Status: Single
    • Looking for: Friends, Dating or Relationship, Hookup, Training Buddies
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Average
    • Height: 6' 1''
    • Weight:
    • Waist:
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: hiking/canoeing/walking in Louisville, KY
    • Weight training:
    • Cardio training:
    • Sports I like: Archery, Cycling, Fencing, Hiking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Rowing, Sailing, Skiing, Skydiving, Swimming, Volleyball
      I canoe hundreds of miles each year. They didn't have that category, so I wanted to mention that I travel down entire river systems. This is research, but also pleasure. Along those river ways, I am researching and writing river guides to be published soon. Bowling, Putt-Putt Golf, etc.
      As I am a SCUBA diver with 11-certifications, one of which is a Certified Underwater Archaeologist.
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?:


    If you do not want to read my ENTIRE PROFILE, please don't even write me. I am incredibly detail-oriented and this profile addresses the main topics. If you just send a "What's up" or "Hi" note without reading my profile, you are wasting my time and yours. I am now at a point of frustration with so many scam artists that I just won't reply. I hate being that way, but if you do not live in Kentucky, then PLEASE DON'T WRITE ME!

    IF YOU DO NOT USE SPELL-CHECK AND GRAMMAR CHECK, then you are likely not for me. If you profile reads as if you failed middle school English courses, then WE ARE NOT A MATCH EITHER.

    There are too many scam artists on this site overseas that want to "fall in love" quickly and so I just am not wanting to communicate with anyone outside of my area of Kentucky and southern Indiana (Kentuckiana).

    If someone claims to be from Kentucky and is not telling me the truth, believe me, I will know. My family has been here since 1773 and I know the history, geography, topography, geomorphology, better than most people. I just do not want to waste my life writing folks outside of my area. Each of you need to find your own local guy. I am not going to send anyone any money or tickets either.

    Numerous times in this profile, I stress that I seek SINCERELY FRIENDSHIP and HUMAN INTERACTION whether that is sexual or just hanging out. I comprehend and agree with some guys WAITING FOR SEX. Since at least 1986, I have written thousands of guys each year and I am still SINGLE. Therefore, just using the dating site to:
    1. Establish a potential connection.
    2. Build trust toward emails/phone calls
    3. Build trust toward meeting in person.
    4. If it works, date the guy.
    5. If that works, marry the guy.
    6. If not on any of these levels, BAIL OUT AND MOVE ON.

    The fact is that most guys are not seeking friendships, relationships, love, and marriage. That is too bad. Most guys of any sexual orientation just want hookup sex. That is not enough for me. I have been there and done that, so I am speaking from experience.

    If you cannot prove you live in the Ohio Valley Region; in Kentucky, or nearby, then I just have to assume you are a pretender trying to scam me and you live outside the region. If you just claim, "I want to write for weeks and months, but not meet..." then red flags are going up and I am seriously not trusting someone like that. There is too much fraud online and in life.


    I am a Professional College Student and I graduated with a Technical Certificate Design Technology in May 2014 to create AIRBAGS FOR ULTRALIGHTS to prevent harm to pilots if their ultralights stall out. I completed my second masters degree in Dec 2011, a Masters of Media Communication Degree. My first was a Masters of Aeronautical Sciences Degree with two specializations: 1. Space Studies; 2. Aviation Aerospace Safety Systems. I am working on my Light Sport Aviation Certificate. Additionally, I canoe entire river systems while performing Underwater Archaeological Research while looking for wrecked vessels.

    Beyond that, I am a cinematographer/aerial videographer and I make motion pictures.

    All of that might sound formal, but seeking and documenting adventure is part of what I do.

    I want to learn from my partner while sharing what I know too. The friendship would not be one of us leaning too much on the other, rather, walking side-by-side through life's journey. There is an old quote, "I will not walk in front of you as I will not lead you. I will not follow behind you. Just walk by my side and be my friend."

    SEX: wanting to share myself with my partner. I am versatile.

    As a single gay man, I am "OUT" and while that scares the allegedly "straight" guys, I am not a flamer. So your secret is safe with me. That said, it is time for all of us to come out. Life would be far simpler that way.

    All of that said, if I found Mr. Right, I am absolutely happy never having sex with guys other than my Mr. Right. Hooking up takes so much time and effort that could be better invested into a singular, loving, compassionate, and fun relationship.

    CAR GUY: I perform most of my own maintenance and I am not scared of working on cars!

    Over the years, I have "been around" enough to know that I need and want a warm and loving relationship, not all of the hookups.

    MUSIC: it is important to me. I enjoy a wide array of music and it seems that I am listening to a wide range as it is liken to an audition for me to hear music that might work on my future motion pictures in the future.

    OUTDOORS: I am an Eagle Scout, so camping, hiking, canoeing, backpacking, and other outdoors events are important to me. If you are not familiar with these topics, I welcome sharing my skills with you. Learning from one another is one of the joys of being in a warm relationship.

    FUTURE GOALS: using remote sensing platforms (Light Sport Aviation, UAVs-Unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites) to help me perform Underwater Archaeological searches of the waterways of America. Quantum physics and temporal dynamic experiments to correct events from the past. I have a friend that I want to save from a tragedy. My many college degrees are worthless if I cannot get a message to him in the past to save his life. I am loyal beyond a friend's lifetime! Friendship matters that much to me.

    COMMUNICATION: I do not text. It seems as outdated as using Morse Code. If you already have a phone in your hand, then call me! There are too many opportunities for miscommunication while texting and I am not interested in guessing what someone attempted to abbreviate!

    RESPECTFULNESS: we have more forms of electronic communicate now than any other period in history, but so many people take days, weeks, or never respond. It illustrates that someone is not important in your life, in your career, or in friendship. I write those folks off as life is too short to keep sitting by the phone or computer and being co-dependent and hoping that someone will reply. If you are serious, then please communicate immediately!

    NO DETAILS IN PROFILES: guys, it gets frustrating to find so many abandoned profiles, but what gets frustrating is how so many guys have set up profiles that are devoid of any facts or details. The people signing up for accounts are gay/bisexual/transgendered, therefore, don't worry about homophobic heterosexual haters signing up here and then OUTING YOU in your normal life. Gay marriage is now legal. There are countless positive gay characters on TV these days. It is time to "get over it."

    If a man does not put details in his profile, it sends the audience MANY of the wrong concepts about you. Mainly, that you are not about meeting others on this site. Please be honest and accurate about whatever you list too. It saves everyone a bounty of time if you are honest with yourself and with us. Avoid abusing the word "straight." Guys hooking up with are homosexuals, not "straight" and it is seriously annoying reading those profiles. I am 100% gay and if you are bisexual, then just be honest.



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