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  • JRizz
  • Feb 21, 2018 - 11:47 AM


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    • Member since: 08/24/11
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 45
    • First location: Los Angeles, California, United States
    • Second location: West Hollywood, California, United States
    • Travel location: New York, New York, United States
    • Relationship Status: Single
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Muscular
    • Height: 5' 4''
    • Weight: 145 lbs
    • Waist: 30 inches
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Blue
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: Gold's Hollywood
    • Weight training: 5 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Cardio training: 4 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Sports I like: Golf, Swimming, Tennis
    • Other sports I like:
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    First, I don't consider myself short, rather "funsize." And why in the hell is everyone 6 foot or taller on here. Where all the shorties at? I know this is the most boring part of the site, but hang in there, I promise I'm interesting. I'm looking for easy going guys to hang out with and get to know...this might seem like a novel idea in So Cal, but I'm convinced if you look hard enough, you will find the diamond in the ruff. And as you know, dating in LA can be ROUGH! Someone who doesnt take themselves to seriously and understands that being in a good mood is up to YOU. I'm very low maintenance, work out 6 x's a week, have a great sense of humor, love to make people laugh (its the greatest sound)...see my pics for proof. I'm a HUGE giver of compliments, but when I do, you better say thank you! I dont really take them really well, learning to though. Also, it's hilarious how some guys online go from single, to dating, to committed relationship, to married to a man...all within one week. Gotta love LA. And what does it say when you hot list someone and they just buddy list you back?

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    Let's start with an honest guy...that would be a great box to check off my list. Other attributes I've learned to not settle for here in LA are that you must have a car, job, talk in complete sentences, know the difference between "their" and "there," and eat with your mouth closed. I know these are lofty requests, but these are non-negotiable. Oh, and if your profile pic is of you standing in your room that could double as an episode of Hoarders, move on and pick up your shit before snapping a picture. Plus, if you have the words cock, hung, bottom or top in your profile name, get to steppin. Also, I will never understand "open relationships" so if that's your thing, all the power to you..I never did like to share. I think you are either committed or you aren't. Otherwise, just be decent...I know that's hard to come by nowadays, but life is short (like me) and you should treat people the same way you want to be treated. Simple idea...but so difficult for most. Reach out...never know what could happen. Oh, and why do so many of you guys on here have pics with no heads/faces? I mean, you don't walk into a bar backwards or with a bag over your head. And how is it that all the headless guys out there are of course ripped with 3% body fat... Show the whole package boys...what are you hiding? This is a site designed to meet people after all....and first dates with headless men are very quiet and never end well. *PS, please don't unlock your private pics until I ask. And when I ask, then kindly unlock at your leisure. That's all for now.


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