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  • Kellzor
  • Jul 20, 2017 - 12:38 PM


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    • Member since: 08/22/07
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 28
    • First location: Sacramento, California, United States
    • Looking for: Friends, Online Chat, Web Cam
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Average
    • Height: 5' 10''
    • Weight: 135 lbs
    • Waist: 30 inches
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Black
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Ethnicity: Mixed Race
    • My gym:
    • Weight training:
    • Cardio training:
    • Sports I like: Cycling, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Rock Climbing
    • Other sports I like: Does badminton count as a sport? Because if so, I am a fiend of badminton! *growl* I will take anyone on any day! *more primal growling*
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    I do so many things all at once, its hard to pick one I want to do. I'm a photographer, a member of the Northern California Koyasan Taiko Group (Taiko is the art of Japanese drumming) for 13 years now, was just invited to join Sacramento Taiko Dan (Pretty much one of California's most amazing taiko groups; and DAN is pronounced like don, there is no individual named Taiko Dan), Student Help at the Financial Aid office on campus (glamorous right? But hey, if you are a student and need some help with that crazy financial aid situation, I'm your man!) an avid gamer, a lover of people and life.

    *Update: I just got back from studying with a taiko group (Shidara, check em out) in Japan for two weeks and am very seriously thinking about joining up with them. Which of course would result in me moving to Japan, but it would be soooo worth it.*

    That last bit really kinda just describes a recent change in outlook I've had. I have found that to an extent I love almost everyone I meet. With varying degrees of intensity mind you, but I feel a deep compassion for everyone, as long as they aren't some sort of crazy trying to start crap. Because I will totally throw down.........I so wouldn't. *hangs head dejectedly*

    I would say I'm fairly intelligent, able to carry on a decent conversation without using the words "dude" or "omg!", well read and extremely passionate about things I hold dear. Like, I will drop you like a sack of hammers if you try to disrespect em. (I probably wouldn't hit you, just imagine doing it. Alot)

    All in all, I'm a crazy, but the good kind. The kind that makes you smile from the randomness I live with.

    Lets about a break down

    Books: I LOVE fantasy and Sci-Fi novels, I was hooked on the Anita Blake series, but I have moved on to the Drizzt Do'Urden Saga. I'm open to all kinds of genres. Biographies, Mystery, Horror, Historical, I love em all! Books are just great! I treat mine like treasures. I pride myself on the fact that almost every book in my bookcase still has its spine unbroken and pretty looking. *happy sigh*

    Movies: I'm a sucker for a good B horror movie, especially if its a cheezy shark flick. Love tearjerkers, yup I love movies that make me cry! Action movies are great, as are romantic comedies. And with my Netflix account I can indulge this particular section of my brain! I'm just a scattered kinda guy. (Like a broken record by this point eh?)

    Music: Oh wow....pretty much anything on the planet! My playlists freak my friends out with the randomness. I think the most recent weirdness was going from Electronica/SynthPop band [[Polysics]] to "Any Way You Want It" by [[Journey]]in 5 minutes. Seriously, all languages, all genres, music kicks ass. Period. Recently I got into a Classical groove and am becoming more familiar with Bach, Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven.

    Food: I lurves Japanese food (gah, I'd kill for a bowl of pork ramen), Mexican, in moderation of course, Chinese, not a huge fan of Italian, but it has its moments. I adore fruit, especially apples, and due to my nutrition class, have become a fan of veggies and eating right now too!

    At this point I feel like this section is insanely long and should be ended with some sort of conversation topics, yeah?!

    Uh....I've been legally dead for about three minutes when I was seven?

    Is that private? Or just something that just doesn't really come up in regular conversation?

    Ooh! How about when I take a shower, I ALWAYS soap up my left arm, then left shoulder, move onto the torso then do my right arm and shoulder, move onto the right leg and then do the left leg.

    Do with it as you will.

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    Well let's see....people with similar interests are always the easiest to get along with, so ya know, that's a big plus.

    If (and this is a pretty big if) we end up becoming chums and such, I like when the person is actually able to respond to messages and the like with more articulation than "okay" or "cool" (Pet peeve: over use of "lol, rofl, lmao, etc..." unless you are actually laughing like a madman at a comment I made, please control your inner self.)

    I love talking to new people so please feel free to send me a message. Avoid being creepy when possible....oh now that just sounds mean. This is seems like it's easier for me to keep typing than to simply go back and "nicen" that up....Eh, what can ya do about it. *shrug*

    I promise I'm not normally that jerky. Ick, I just imagined myself as a weird human sized piece of jerky. *face-palm*


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