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  • May 26, 2017 - 9:30 AM


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    09 22 2016

    It has been a great experience for me living in NYC for the past 2 months.... there were definitely ups and downs, even at this point of time, I am struggling with myself a lot... as usual, I have made new friends or it's not even appropriate to use this term "friend". I am happy that through my time in the States, I have made 1 friend, who is truly a friend because he has always been there for me when I feel sad or lonely..... it's so wonderful and I don't really know how to describe that feeling.... I told him that I will eventually be leaving the US and back to life where things are going to be really different for me..... he understands my feelings really well (he is attached by the way and he still makes time for me, which I am truly grateful for). Being here in NYC and new to this city, I am trying to make friends around my age, hoping that I would find someone that I can call a friend but it didn't quite work out that way and the matter of fact is, many people (not all but many of those whom I have spoken to) lean more towards hooking up....... I am losing faith on this circle that we are in..... not that I am against anyone or anything, everything is just so superficial and I must admit that I am a culprit as well..... I don't know who is genuine and who is not.... I am losing sight of myself, I don't know exactly who am I and what am I...... but knowing that I will eventually leave this place, it's really hard to make friends and keep up with the friendship you know..... it's a commitment and it takes effort too..... it seems that though most of the people that I have spoken to or met, seems to have the "let's not waste time and move on from here" knowing that I will not be here forever..... it's really sad..... no matter how social media have brought the world closer together, it seems as though we have become really cold.... maybe it is just me and things like that happen to me only.... I am not good at holding conversations and I would say that from my childhood days until about age 22, I have led a life with very low self-esteem and confidence..... and I guess it has become somewhat rooted in me made me who I am now..... it's sad and I don't know anymore....... I am really lost somehow..... I am turning 29 soon haha, I have not celebrated my birthday last year, I was all alone in my apartment in Florida haha! Maybe I am not a good friend.... and at times I do envy my friends where their friends organize birthday parties..... I usually spend my birthday alone or just with my family :) I guess it's not really a big deal but that's how it is :)...... it's funny when people ask when is your birthday and how are you celebrating it, I would say no plans at all.... that's the end of the conversation.... I don't know..... it's sad but at the same time it has been really normal for me.... I am tired of living.... with all the emotions and terrible experience with people.... I don't really know what exactly I am doing here...... sigh......

    07 19 2016

    Time flies! I am heading to NYC on July 29 and I am really excited to live there before I head back to Singapore :). I really hope that I can make some new friends over there, share our life stories over a couple of beers or sports drink :P haha! I get drunk really easily (2 cans and I am done). I am excited but at the same time, I don't really know what to expect when I am there.

    hmmmmmm.. I guess sometimes when we think too much into the future, things get a bit unclear and all over the place, it would be wiser to take one step at a time and see where each step would bring us to :).....

    With all the tragedies going on around globe... my heart bleeds for the world and I don't have the words to describe how I feel..... it's really sad to see the American Flag flew at half mast (not once, not twice but many times). I walk to the school's gym every day and I have seen that so many times that I lost count.... sigh.... I don't know... being alone always amplifies the emotions in me......

    06 22 2016

    Somehow, this website has become one of my platform to express myself... being an introvert, it is so difficult for me to express myself in front of people and I get too emotionally attached to people who show care and concerns, or people who gave me the attentions.... I couldn't control this very aspect of myself, which always left me upset and disappointed when things change.... I never thought I would fall in love with this country and I did haha! Which is a terrible feeling for me since I have to go back to Singapore to resume my work.... probably that's the reason why I don't wish to make too many friends here and that I have to deal with the fact that we are going to be far far far apart from one another.... yes, social media brings everyone closer to one another but it is all in the virtual realm, which I don't personally appreciate much because of the lack of the human touch in it..... I am 29 this year and I often forgot the fact that I am growing old, people whom I met in this area (Tally) are much younger than me... there is an obvious generation gap that I failed to see and acknowledge... mindsets are different, mentality are different and the ways of life are different as well..... as a person (me) now, I have grown to cherish friendship much more than when I was a teenager.... as a teenager, I was more flamboyant and knew that people come and go in my life, gaining and losing friends seemed pretty normal to me but I don't feel so now........ I guess the subtle difference from then and now, is that I understood how life can be so vulnerable, people don't just come and go but lived on, people come and "go because of tragedies"...... it is pretty terrifying and sad at the same time..... I feel so vulnerable yet I don't exactly know how to deal with myself..... my job requires me to be an extrovert (I am on a manager equivalent position in my job) and I guess I "fake" it pretty well but it is draining me.... something is just missing in my life that I have no idea what it is.... I guess these are part and parcel of growing up and as we move on with our lives, we experience lives as they are and they kind of shapes our thoughts and perceptions on life in general.... the idea of change.... I have changed so much since I came out to the scene (not publicly) at the age of 16, 13 years have passed..... sometimes being hugged by a friend without saying anything can be really comforting for me....

    06 19 2016

    I am very affected emotionally by the recent shooting in Orlando... there are many differences between all of us but we are still humans... in my years of growing up, I have learned to say nice things to people and not say anything bad at all because it will affect the person that you speak these things to..... it scares me when I see comments that people put out on the internet on news, comments, music or etc., not specifically on this incident here, and I just don't understand why some people can be so mean..... I understand the idea of "balance", in life, there are always going to be people who agree and people who disagree, and some neutral.... but what I really don't get it is when people start fighting each other over disagreements and conflict of interest..... do we have to do that? What do we really gain out of it? Fame? Popularity? Points? As? In fact, nothing at all..... I always find comfort when people say things like, "when these things happen, look for people who are helping, there are always people helping.." I am an International student and I came from the other side of the globe, whenever I hear news of shootings, bombing and killing in any countries, I get very affected and I always need a couple of days to deal with these emotions..... what a world we live in.....

    06 15 2016

    Recently, I made a friend and I thought it was really heartwarming given that I have been pretty lonely here in Tallahassee. I am attached and my relationship is really complicated now and its my fault.... well, i guess i have been neglecting myself in the past many years, nothing but relationship... I neglect my friends and my family too (not all the time), and also neglected myself.... I am kinda tired to be in a relationship.... I wish I could open out to many people but given that my country isn't really that open yet, it is hard for me to do what I really wanted to do.... this friend that I had recently, he is attached too and I thought this friendship is going to last but it didn't, and I guess I am really naive to think for people more than for myself, and what makes me think that others would even consider how I would feel at all..... many times in my life, I have always thought about people whom I have met, i wonder how they have been doing although we never kept in touch at all..... do they remember me? Or it is not important at all like what many would probably say..... I think I am a joke haha

    Moving to NYC in July 2016 :) super excited!

    New to Tallahassee, looking to meet new friends over here. Into workout and maintaining my body and fitness! Gym almost everyday. It would be awesome to have a workout buddy so that i can hit heavier weights with the help of the buddy. The heaviest dumb bell press that i can go on unassisted for 8 reps is 75 lbs.

    I started working out in 2008, it has been 7 years and i grew from 152 lbs to 171 lbs currently. It is challenging to manage work and fitness at the same time :)

    I am a student now, so i take every opportunity to gym in school (everyday). I just love to exercise and keep fit!! :) Currently i incorporate Tabata into my weights training regime, i feel really good with all the sweating and pumps! :)

    One more thing about me, i am a vegetarian :) since 2010

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    any kind of guys, fun, humorous, nice and love to workout!!


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