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  • Sk8Tex
  • Mar 23, 2018 - 11:23 AM


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    • Member since: 03/10/09
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 38
    • First location: San Diego, California, United States
    • Second location: Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
    • Travel location: Austin, Texas, United States
    • Relationship Status: Monogamous Relationship
    • Looking for: Friends, Online Chat
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Average
    • Height: 6' 4''
    • Weight: 170 lbs
    • Waist: 32 inches
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Blue
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: I workout at home
    • Weight training: 5 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Cardio training: 2 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Sports I like: Baseball, Hockey, Kayaking, Martial arts, Rock Climbing, Rodeo, Running, Skating, Skiing, Skydiving, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball
    • Other sports I like: Freestyle skating for about 25 years. (Started at 6 years old)
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    Im a pretty goofy fun loving guy, love to joke with my friends and make them laugh.. im the type that would rather stay indoors and watch a movie with my partner than go out to clubs. But when we do go out we enjoy our local tequila bar in Hillcrest or margaritas at Chipotle, (try them they're awesome!) I have been skating (rollerskates, skateboard, rollerblades) since I was about 6 or 7 years old. My sisters pulled me down the driveway and taught me by letting me fall, which seemed to be our families chosen method of teaching. I had a nightmare once that my dad put a brick on the gas pedal of our truck and let me go lol..

    At about 9-10 I taught myself how to play the happy birthday tune on the piano by ear, and from there took off to learn stuff like "Where ever you go" by Richard Marx, then Beethoven's "Fur Elise." Love to draw with ink, not sure why ink but sometimes things just seem to form themselves on paper better when you cant go back and erase. For the complicated stuff I will begin in pencil and mix ink which I think looks really cool as a finished project. Recently I started scanning my stuff and throwing it into Photoshop to do some nice coloring on them which has been my most recent obsession.

    Here's some of my random stuff..

    If you wanna see some more here's my page: DesktopNexus/Jamesy

    I grew up in south Texas near Corpus Christi and do love that small town atmosphere, but not the mindset. Moved to San Diego, CA when I turned 18 on a whim which was my best mistake in life ever. I loved this city so much I stayed here ever since, with occasional road trips back home. I met my partner Ray here while volunteering in 2003 and I'm excited to see our 8th anniversary together coming up in July. Were a monogamous couple but we love to do stuff outdoors with other groups of people. He has his volleyball games, and I've got my rollerblades and iPod. :c)

    We love our video games when we're being lazy, and board games are awesome too. I will kick your ass at Scrabble.. ò.~ but only after a few drinks. I got a boring job but it pays the bills and allows me to be comfortable so I can suffer with that I guess.

    Recently I made a pool bet with 3 friends of mine that we could reach a combined total of 100,000 pushups, squats, and situps by July 1st. The loser with the least amount will have to buy all our margaritas at Chipotle for Pride weekend, so I am trying to focus and get into shape and could use ALOT of advice. I never really worked out with weight training or anything but I was a cross country track runner for 6 years, and skating for 24 years so I stay pretty active and fit. So that's why I got my private pic up taken about a month ago which shows my chest stomach and most of my arms, ask and I'll unlock. I am trying to improve my chest muscles all around and my arms (which im doing curls for with 20# freeweights.) My stomach has never really been a problem area so I suspect a little working out there in the coming months will improve that. I am probably the worst ever at stretching before and after workouts but have learned a little bit, so thats another area I could use some advice on.

    Anyways thanks for reading, and nice to meet you.

    Update on the bet... I won at a total of 23,750 reps since 12/01/2010

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    I am up for conversation anytime but thats all folks ;)

    In regards to my private pic. Its a progress picture only, I'm not going to post nudity here of myself, and just because someone sends me a picture of themselves naked does not mean I am suddenly going to be comfortable enough with you to do the same. =)