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  • Aug 20, 2017 - 4:28 AM


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    • Build: Average
    • Height: 6' 1''
    • Weight: 185 lbs
    • Waist: 33 inches
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    • Hair color: Blond
    • Eye color: Blue
    • Ethnicity: White
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    Blah - I need to update my profile all text and images on here are old, saying this for full disclosure.

    Okay to begin with I am completely reworking my profile and myself, got rid of ALL of my current images and took some brand new ones. I have a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. I used to have naked private pictures that I used to give out rather flippantly to guys I found attractive and if I did and you are looking for them now sorry took them down because while that did provide a level of enjoyment when I got compliments back didn't lead to very meaningful friendships or relationships. I am not ashamed of my body and have no problem taking naked photos of myself but apparently that tends to attract more trivial connections and would like more substantial things from now on. I achieved my only real goal was college, and now trying to figure out what direction to go with in life.

    I am a very nice guy and trust easily and respect others fully and because of that easy to take advantage of and have been lied to and hurt, and while I am first to admit maybe life would be easier if I was jaded and cold hearted, lol. I am proud of who I am and if people want to be asses in life I will probably be hurt again and I am okay with that because I rather be a upstanding nice guy I am proud of than go about arrogant and self-righteous and feel its okay to hurt others because they got hurt themselves or feel its their job to teach people lessons in life, just let people live their life no one has right to force their ideology onto others especially through lies and deception, but that is a tangent after recent experiences and where rewrite this paragraph later into more politically correct socially appealing to the masses since all profiles are watered down to not offend anyone so they get most responses I have had the average profile and got ton of responses from a lot of jerks and idiots and good guys but had hard time separating them out but I rather be upfront and get the slim responses from good open minded people. With that all said, I am a nice guy and will put up with a lot till I am really wronged then I will just cut someone out of my life which is cold and I am sorry about that but I thought I would forewarn anyone who wants to play games.

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    Well I am looking for good genuine guys in the Atlanta area preferably, for now at least, now that I got my degree I am thinking of moving just to get away lol. Would like friends more than anything else, also someone to work out with, will need to find a new gym also and a lot of other things. As one will plainly see I am not that buff, lol, thin and twinky (which I hate being called that and looking like that) would like to get a nice set of pecs, nice arms and some kind of abs, which is the same look that I am attracted to in other guys lol, the more masculine jocky look, would like to look like that myself. I have trouble sticking with the working out long term to see the results, motivation fails me after a while, have thought about getting a personal trainer or joining a boot camp thingy so I would feel accountable and might stick with it longer but a good workout partner would also work lol.

    Umm friends would be nice in a variety of forms, I enjoy video gaming (xbox 360, ps3, or wii [i have all 3]) and going to movies and trips to mountains to hike or snowboard or to the lake to wakeboard or wherever and what not. I like to find someone to play some sports with haven't done so in some time because recent friends haven't been that active, but thinking about joining one of the local sports teams, maybe soccer wasn't that great in it but did love it, do enjoy ultimate frisbee but thats mostly college thing and I am done with college, want to try out disc golf sometime (not as sporty as others but it does interest me), during the summer time was teaching myself to wakeboard, during winter time would love to go snowboard again, not really good at tenis or baseball/softball so thats out, do enjoy running but need to work on my cardio because I still get winded to easily so that is something I need to do for all activities lol. Rugby, flag football and volleyball I am indifferent on, don't know if I would like or hate to do them lol. For friends and anyone I would like to meet I would like them around my age somewhat, if there is too far of an age gap I sometimes feel uncomfortable especially with someone is older and they start to talk down to me telling me how I should feel think do etc, will gladly take advice from friends but I won't be talked down to.0D


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