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    • Member since: 03/25/08
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 46
    • First location: Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
    • Relationship Status: Single
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Defined
    • Height: 6' 0''
    • Weight: 172 lbs
    • Waist: 29 inches
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye color: Hazel
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: looking for a new one, until then just running
    • Weight training: 4 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Cardio training: 3 times per week
      45 minutes per session
    • Sports I like:
    • Other sports I like:
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    Update May 2015: In the process of preparing to my back to DC from Austin.
    Update June 2013: Just moved back to the States from Cameroon. It was an amazing experience and quite an adventure, but I'm very happy to be back in the States. I accepted a job and have just moved to Austin, TX. I've only been here a week but I can already tell I'm going to like it here. Such a beautiful city and so many outdoorsy things to do. I'm looking forward to the new opportunity and exploring my new city!
    Update Sept 2012: Will be visiting London for the holidays. Will be visiting friends and have been a few times, but if anyone has suggestions of "must" dos, sees, eats, drinks, ect please let me know.
    Update Sept 2011: Realized that this needed a bit of an update. I'm no longer in the US, at least permanently. I just accepted a new job in May 2011 and moved to Cameroon. I'm managing conservation projects with Wildlife Conservation Society. It's been a bit of an adjustment, but so far I'm doing pretty well and very much liking the job. I get back to the US from time to time (or plan to) either for work or to visit friends/family. But I plan to use this opportunity to do as much travel in the region or hopefully Europe as I can afford. I don't plan on leaving Cameroon with a full bank account, but I do plan to leave with a lot of very memorable experiences. So if anyone is interested in chatting about Cameroon/Africa, conservation, or traveling definitely drop me a note. Not sure how often I'll be on here, but I will reply to messages when I can. Oh, and if anyone ever finds himself in Cameroon or if you're looking for a travel companion let me know!! Cheers...


    I'm a bit shy and quiet (at first), however once I'm comfortable around people I can be very outgoing and talkative. I've become a more confident person, having realized that life is far too short to doubt, discount, or dislike oneself. It's taken me a while to figure this out (well, longer than it should have), but the realization has been the most liberating insight that's occurred to me. I'm proud to say that I'm a work in progress and that I'm making efforts to continually improve myself. That is to say that I'm not trying to change who I am, but rather accept who I am and acknowledge who I am not any longer. I am a hard worker, and believe in putting in as much effort as it takes to do something right. I love my job. It's something that I feel passionate about, and that challenges me. It allows me to travel quite a bit, which I love. I appreciate experiencing new things though I certainly would not be accused of being spontaneous, but I'm working on that (although I freely admit that I see nothing wrong with a bit of planning). I don't worry nearly as much as I used to. In fact my life is relatively worry-free. I've come to appreciate that I am truly fortunate and this simple realization has brought a lot of peace to my life. I'm honest and very loyal, and I look for these qualities in others. I try to be as positive as I can, and I try to surround myself with positive people. My friends are a big part of my life, so I try to be there for them in any way that I can. I have also recently developed a better understanding of my family, whom I love in spite of all our differences. I am a very good listener, and like helping people work through problems. I have a quirky sense of humor, and love to laugh about anything (usually about myself). I am optimistic and enthusiastic, preferring to focus on the good and try to find the positive in things. I am a hopeful romantic.

    Activities: spending time with friends, running, working out, cooking, traveling (53 countries and counting, visited Greece July 2012...amazing!!), shopping, movies, outdoors, birdwatching, hiking, drawing, nature photography

    Favorite Music: Just about everything, although mostly things that make me feel good (pop/dance/etc). Artists: Annie Lennox, Madonna, Whitney, Alanis Morissette, Norah Jones, Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan, Everything But the Girl, St. Germain, Dido, Garbage, BT, Daft Punk, Chicane, Janita, Olive

    Favorite TV Shows: Don't watch too much TV (I don't have cable...gasp!), but when I do: Sex

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    I want to be challenged by my relationships with people. You never can be certain of who you might click with, so I'm open to meeting just about anyone. As for a significant other, I'm not looking for someone to complete me. I want to find someone who complements me and I them. Someone who likes going out occasionally for dinner, movies, or doing things with friends, but who equally enjoys quality home time. I'm looking to find someone who enjoys just being with me even when we are not doing anything in particular.

    Your dating personality profile:

    Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
    Big-Hearted - You are a kind and caring person. Your warmth is inviting, and your heart is a wellspring of love.
    Stylish - You do not lack for fashion sense. Style matters. You wouldn't want to be seen with someone who doesn't care about his appearance.
    Your date match profile:

    Athletic - You aren't looking for a couch potato. You seek someone who is active and who keeps his body in top shape.
    Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
    Adventurous - You are looking for someone who is willing to try new things and experience life to its fullest. You need a companion who encourages you to take risks and do exciting things.
    Your Top Ten Traits

    1. Liberal
    2. Big-Hearted
    3. Stylish
    4. Athletic
    5. Adventurous
    6. Shy
    7. Romantic
    8. Intellectual
    9. Wealthy/Ambitious
    10. Sensual
    Your Top Ten Match Traits

    1. Athletic
    2. Practical
    3. Adventurous
    4. Funny
    5. Shy
    6. Conservative
    7. Intellectual
    8. Big-Hearted
    9. Sensual
    10. Stylish

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    ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.
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