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  • May 23, 2018 - 8:54 AM


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    • Age: 27
    • First location: Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
    • Relationship Status: Single
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    • Build: Muscular
    • Height: 6' 1''
    • Weight: 220 lbs
    • Waist: 34 inches
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Black
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: Golds
    • Weight training: 4 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Cardio training: 2 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Sports I like:
    • Other sports I like:
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always



    long story short my dad has lymphoma on top of raising money to participate in a triathlon in March in Hawaii!!! Im selling these awesome t-shirts! id LOVE for YOU to buy one! Lets start a PURPLE army! lets find a cure...and save a lives folks!
    Thanks :)



    NEW ME!

    Soooo, since my last update...

    Lost a crap tone of weight, became a coach for beachbody...and recently became an Insanity Instructor.

    Got into a GREAT nursing program, and FINALLY moving on with my life...

    Met some awesome and amazing people in my life wouldn't trade them for the world..

    Hey there!!

    So it's been a crazy time since i updated this thing...

    Since then...

    I've been in and out of a wonderful relationship. (it's ok we ended it on hopes for tomorrow).

    I've also grown a year older (21...cheers to the weekend...but tears to my bank account)

    been through some rough patches with my dad who was diagnosed in November 2010 with Leukemia. Also came out to my mom and dad and to my surprise, did not kick me out lol.

    So now I'm 21..finally figured out my path in the least with school... working out, reading, hanging out with some friends...basically...finding who i am...

    Yeah i've mentioned this topic before...i think...but as we all know...things change, people change, everything changes..

    Just as i thought i had my self figured out, what's up what's down, what left, right...etc. I realized i was going at EVERYTHING in the wrong direction.

    Now it's time to focus on me, my body, mind, relationships with those around me. everything.

    But knowing that in the end, "what will be, will be." kinda in a way comforts me.

    So I've decided to get back on the bike and take it for another spin down the path of life...well...and literally...

    My NEW project... The Viva Las Vegas 100 mile bike ride in well...VEGAS!

    I'm doing my bike ride through Team And Training...and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

    I will be raising money to help find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood cancers.

    This will be my second 100 mile bike ride with the company, (did one for my senior project in high school at the Seagull Century Ride in Sals MD), but for this ride, not only do i know people with these devastating cancers...The cancer has hit close to home.

    So yeah, that's basically what's been going on since i last left something up here...oh the school thing...switched majors....AGAIN....i'm gonna be an undergrad FOREVER lol.

    So fixing somethings here and there, making things new again. Trying to be a better and more efficient me.

    So, strap in, clip your feet in, clip the helmet's gonna be a loooong ride to the finish.


    need to update this thing..

    So many things have happened in my life in a year...

    Went to school in Reading Pa for my freshmen year, also swam for the college as well, had to unfortunately retire...shoulder injury...decided to not only switch schools...but also switch majors from psych to Pre Med Bio...

    The switch has its ups and downs...but happy to say, i made the right choice...

    So still on that crazy boat...who am i?...Yeah I guess like everyone says, "You will find your self within time,"....Right??????

    But not only am i trying to find "me," im also trying to better myself, after my shoulder injury, i'll admit, i let myself go a lil, im working on getting that back...and trying to do better than the last time...i know i'm not THAT amazing to look at...just you wait and see i always win ;)

    There are sooo many things I want to do..i have a goal checklist... everything from simple things like, clean my room, and be organized and be early for the most outrageous find a cure for yeah...I got a tough road ahead of me, but I got it :)

    Im human, which means i am FAR from perfect, ( one is :) ive learned you need to love yourself, accept yourself for who you are, and if someone doesn't like you...well there's the door..

    im not here for a popularity contest, im here to enjoy life..


    Ok, im no longer a resident of "Teenage beenie bobber club"

    I wana start this off with...PLEASE PLEEAAASSSEEEE be better than it to much to ask for?

    I would like to think now since i've passed the golden line of childhood...into the WAY more confusing side of...*dun dun duuuuuunnnnn* ADULT hood.

    Sure things are different on the other side...greener?? Well two each their own...or something like that...

    Here i year older...and i have to say...another year wiser??


    I've learned a not a "oh, your cute," "Your cute too..." We all know where that would lead to.......


    A relationship requires communication..and does not ALWAYS work with a 100% attraction...

    There might be a party downstairs....but if there is no light on in the attic...sorry..i need a light to see the real you, and if there's no light, then how can I find the one im really looking for?

    If you're with me this far..congratulations! not only can you follow someone in a conversation...but you can also learn to deal with my spelling and grammar issues... ;)

    Thats my next topic...can people learn to open their eyes?????? Honestly it's not that hard...

    If you use that "L" word, make sure you really mean it...

    And if you "L*!#" someone....Who gives a crap what someone else says or thinks about's between you and I... Or you and him...or whatever..

    Relationships come with pain... What do you think? You can have your cake and eat it too?? Last time I checked, "You gotta wana!" So don't listen to your best friend(s). I have those me...I listen and take into consideration what they say.. :) moving on :)

    o and if you want something, you need to work on it. Did you learn to ride a bike in one day? Did Michael Phelps brake records after he was born? NO NO NOOOOO (wouldn't be surprised if he came close ;) )

    I've learned to laugh...laugh at the little things that may piss you need to laugh.. Live life. But do not go around doing things that would jeopardize your life.

    I leave you with this quote...

    “May you never steal, lie or cheat.
    But if you have to steal, then steal away my sorrows.
    If you have to lie, then lie with me all the nights of our life.
    If you have to cheat, then cheat death because I don’t want to live a day without you”

    That's who im looking for....


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