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    • Member since: 05/09/10
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 28
    • First location: Los Angeles, California, United States
    • Looking for: Friends, Dating or Relationship, Hookup, Training Buddies
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Defined
    • Height: 5' 11''
    • Weight: 172 lbs
    • Waist: 29 inches
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Blond
    • Eye color: Hazel
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: Home
    • Weight training: 5 times per week
      30 minutes per session
    • Cardio training:
    • Sports I like: Bodybuilding, Cycling, Martial arts, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling
    • Other sports I like:
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    I'm in marketing. I also do some modeling & consulting. I landed my 1st big contract before finishing college. I've done some amazing things & met some great people. Oh -- then there's the guys in my life. I was a Jock in school & nobody would have pegged me for being into other guys. That is --except for the other jocks I was getting friendlier with. And the thing that freaks most people out --when they figure "it" out is how "natural" the progression seemed to be. See, I'm really conservative & feel that a friendship has to be framed in some serious respect. I found that attitude absent from the scene -- the dating scene in general -but painfully missing from everything "gay" around my stomping grounds. I really love masculine mannerisms & I found that there is this dynamic in the "gay" community that is constantly trying to redefine what masculinity is -- & everyone generally recognizes this attempt to put a feather-boa on muscle -to be a fraud. And since I think having a solid opinion is a masculine trait --I'm not interested in whether my feelings are PC or not. Real guys have a pair. And I think that this mindset of masculine respect is what allowed me to ramp up the intensity with my buddies without anyone connecting the increased closeness with what "GAY" is portrayed in virtually all media. I want to be detailed in this without using any vulgar language or profane imagery -because this is my mindset & the guys I bond with are often guys who've had the same type of experience/s. And I suspect that because of the nature of this board -- that there are more of this type of guys here --but probably still a minority because of the extreme patience & conservative mindset that must be part of a guy's personality to discover what I'm trying to describe. There are some things that I've never been attracted to doing (actually found the concepts to be revolting) -such as AnalSex, rimming or any type of arse-play (YUCK)! Not gonna happen! My instincts on the matter suggest to me that the act is a low-brow attempt to proxy a guy in place of a woman. Since I have no interest in women, --it seems a fool's errand to turn a guy into a substitute for one! It turns out that the CDC & WHO agree with me: AnalSex is +5000% (OVER FIVE THOUSAND PERCENT) more pathogenically dangerous than even 0ral! I.E: In a chain of (3) guys -- that figure multiplies 50x to 250000%; and 50x for each guy added to a chain of partners (which is why the gay-male population is up to it's arse in STI's). However, I've never needed to use a condom & I have never had nor transmitted an STD - ever! And my view of the entire line of thinking about M2M physical-intimacy is really different from the (gay) media's portrayal. Has it worked out? Yeah - I've build solid friendships throughout my life that are intact even till today and across thousands of miles since I left the town I grew up in. Even in college -my "straight-jock" roommate & I were regularly sharing a bed by the end of the 1st semester. Every guy I've ever been intimate with has been straight-professed! And I think it's because of my philosophy of masculine respect, friendliness & willing to consider another guy's perspective with empathy. I'm pretty sure that my appearance, body-language & conservative conversation all contribute to helping a buddy feel relaxed around me. And, -I'm physically demonstrative -starting out slowly & respectfully with the handshake that becomes a hug that becomes a squeeze on the neck over time. And once your bud figures out that you'll massage the soreness out of him until he's twitching & drooling into the pillow -overcome with sleep; -The physical contact becomes a regular event that he'll initiate. Once a buddy has been desensitized to the fear of prolonged physical contact with another guy and the experience is framed in a deeply respectful & compassionate friendship where he knows you have his interests at heart -- the last step is moving into the area of intimacy where a guy usually only trusts (1) guy to help him with: HIMSELF -with self-gratification. See, -what happens is that the bond of trust grows to where a guy is willing to let you help with that too. Kinsey was right about male sexuality and what he discovered is that many men are willing to let friendship deepen to the point where they let another guy climax them --even if they don't have a deep attraction to a male physique themselves. It's the extreme bond of friendship & trust that facilitates the nexus to the intimacy. And this is the area where lots of "gay" guys totally miss the boat and lose out on the most intensely satisfying friendships. If you put sexuality 1st, --you'll NEVER progress to this experience with guys who are predominantly "straight". They will not "69" you -ever. However, -massage, wrestling & horseplay can also tolerate friendly "groping" & "grinding" that will be joked about initially & if continued in the right tone -will combine with the established trust & friendship to help seduce a buddy into climaxing -especially if other factors have contributed to lowering his inhibitions. This is precisely the opposite of "no-strings-attached" interactions because FRIENDSHIP is connected by powerful chords of love & respect.

    Guys I'm Looking To Meet

    If you don't relate to my "About Me" section -- then sorry, -it's not gonna happen. However: If you understand these perspectives; -& especially if you're a guy (often straight-identified but BIsexual in your experiences) who has experienced this sort of intimacy, --then we might have some chemistry grounded in pure-respect for the masculine ethos. There is a men's movement called "g0ys" -spelled with a zer0 & not to be confused with the Hebrew word for "NATION/S". It is what I relate to. G00GLE them (g0ys is spelled with a zer0). Be sure to check out their .ORG ground-zer0 website.
    BTW: Theologically, I'm a Reformed, Full-Gospel Messianic Jew Convert (Acts 2:38-39) so please don't try to play any sort of anti-Semitic card on the g0y term if you happen to disagree with my life philosophies.


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