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    Feb 06, 2008 4:13 AM GMT
    Humans, for the most part, are sociable beings so why is it that random conversations with random people seem so difficult? Since I went back to finish my last semester of high school a few days ago, more people than usual have decided to come and talk to me. Not being use to this treatment there never seems like there is anything to say, especially when both people despise the class that they are in, so this leads to the death of a conversation. Can't say I didn't try but it still sank like a corpse strapped to concrete shoes. What do you do to keep the conversation going when you've exhausted all of your options of talking about the area around you and asking about that person, all questions within reason of course seeing as this persons been known for all of five minutes. Just can't seem to speak correctly lately, it is quite irritating.
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    Feb 06, 2008 5:51 AM GMT
    three words: fear of rejection

    without sounding like someone who's full of himself, talk something you are passionate about in a sort of general, enumerative kind of a way... then when the second person zeroes in on one particular interest of yours, build it from there.

    e.g. things in common: you "both depise the class you are in"... sheesh, the answer is right under your nose! make fun of the teacher! laugh. nothing sort of building a rapport better than laughter.

    and relax, doll. do not be too conscious of the things that'll come out of your mouth. spontaneity is the key.

    good luck. x