Ok so long title but let me explain. Have you ever had a good friend who was generally kind to you but when it came to his/her romantic life the way they treated their partners was really different? For instance, lets say your friend has a history of cheating, lying, playing mind games, etc with his/her love interests but as far as you know has never done anything bad to you personally, would this affect your friendship with that person? Would you just be like "eh, whatever" and not care about your friend's personal life or on the other hand would you maybe start to distrust your friend and suspect that one day they might treat you the same way?

On the flip side, have any of you ever treated a boyfriend badly (cheated, lied, etc) and how has this affected your relationships with unaffected (but emotionally close to you) third parties?

This may seem like an odd question but I find it weird how a lot of people seem two-faced in the sense that they do a lot of fucked up shit with their partners but aren't necessarily so bad people outside their romantic lives. Or is that not the case at all?

All opinions welcome.