Jenny and Real Jock?

  • Kazeai84

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    May 31, 2007 5:51 AM GMT
    Okay I'm one seriously lost and confused nerd boy. Here's the deal...I'm overweight and I'm trying to get down to a healthy 142. I am currently 180 and 5'6". I decided to go with the real jock Strong and Lean workout program, because I want to be able to have real strength. The kind that makes you healthy and fit and well sexy. I'm willing to do pretty much anything to get there, and part of that is trying Jenny Craig. I had lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks when I was at a french camp where the food was prepared for us by a cafeteria. It made me realize that my body does really well on a diet. So this led me to Jenny, but now after reading so many articles and forum posts I don't know whether or not Jenny will be able to provide the adequate calories and proteins that I will need to lose the fat but build up the muscle. So I was wondering if anyone could offer advice, and help this husky kid reach his goal?
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    May 31, 2007 6:36 PM GMT
    I have never been on Jenny Craig, nor have I researched it. Can't help you there. I am on WW doing the Flex System. As of last Saturday I have lost 34.6 pounds!
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    Jun 16, 2007 12:12 PM GMT
    Kudos to both of you, first of all, for taking your health inhand and getting in shape! You both should be proud of the progress you've made!

    Everything I've read--as well as what my personal trainer tells me--says that it's hard to simultaneously try to lose weight AND build muscle. Kazeai84, sounds like your main, immediate goal is to lose weight. I'd say you stay on the Jenny Craig diet (or consider WW like Chasersprize, it's a sustainable way of eating long-term) until you're within goal weight range. Most eating plans focused on weight loss will minimize calories and carbohydrates (especially those from processed foods).

    Then, hire a trainer at the local gym to develop a serious muscle-building routine and shift your diet as you shift your workout. When you shift, you'll probably be bumping up calories and carbs--your trainer should be able to let you know your target caloric intake per day and the balance of proteins, fats, and carbs to maximize your weight training.

    Oh, and don't buy too many clothes when you first lose all that weight. I've done this cycle, too, and I found that I went down from a 46S jacket to a 40S jacket when I dropped the pounds and up to a 42S jacket once I started lifting weights more seriously.

    Hope that this helps, and good luck!