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    Jun 29, 2010 5:41 AM GMT
    So...a hypothetical situation for you to comment on:

    Say you saw someone on a dating site, Plenty Of Fish. He's really hot. And he says he's looking for a "man, dating, nothing serious". He's 23. You're 25.

    You start chatting and you get to his Facebook. You start chatting, you get his number. He's a personal trainer and he's incredibly hot. Amazing body, beautiful donkey dick, just amazing nipples that you could play with all day and all fucking night and...excuse me.

    Anyhoo, you get to talking. Texting every day, even calling. Through your conversations, he tells you that he's straight. (Talk about false advertising!) Which is a shame since you share so much alike and he's a great conversationalist and it's like you're other half. Only straight-er.

    Well, you keep talking to him. You're horny one day and you say some pretty...erm..."creative" things to him. He's cool about it when you apologize for the indiscretions.

    Now, here's the fun part. He lives in SoCal (OC area). You live in NorCal (SF Bay area). You ask him if he would be willing to spend the week with you. He says if you pay for his way, then sure.

    You pay for his plane ticket up to stay the week. AND you give him some extra money to personal train you. AND you buy him stuff from his Amazon Wishlist to which he replies that that counts as a "bonus".

    You're sharing a bed. He's said that you can suck his dick, and he'd possibly recip. (Still working on him going all the way and actually letting me ride him. I'm not really into anal, so that's not high on my list of things to do, pun intended, and if I get to suck dick pretty much all day, I'll be fine with that.)

    WTF is going on here. I know us gays have a secret fantasy of conquering a hetero, but I'm seriously navigating treacherous and really unknown waters. How do you not get attached and why would a straight man even consider letting you touch him, while you're sharing the bed?

    This is bad. Real bad.
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    Jun 29, 2010 7:40 AM GMT
    Well in my experiences (which happens to be 2 "Straight" guys one bi guy and the love of my life -Although its only been oral no actual sex-) Straight guys are always having that back thought in their head about hooking up with guys and what it is like.

    sometimes it takes a long long LONG time to earn their trust (not saying i tricked any of the guys ive been with) but they were all friends that i became really close friends with and they trusted me to have their first experience with.

    thats where this scenario comes into play because the straight guy trusted the gay guy, even to the point where he could hit on him and the straight guy would just be like oh its okay. (Not many straight guys appreciate gay guys hitting on them rofl).

    i dont really know what the point of buying all the stuff on his amazon wishlist was for though thats another thing i wanted to point out because since you bought him all that stuff he may have felt obligated to return the favor and letting you suck his dick would be the best way to repay (although thats a terrible way to return a favor in a way because the straight guy has nothing to lose while u just basically bought his penis for however amount of money you spent on that wishlist lol)

    Well the problem of not getting attached is a doozy though. many things can happen here. i say keep your distance from him emotionally. if u can handle being fuck buddies go for it but if it keeps you attached to him i say stop ASAP before you hurt yourself (emotionally)