As I stepped out the cooling shower in last Saturday's heatwave I was feeling oh so horny. Been 10 days without sex either with my girlfriend or my fuck buddy. Fleetingly, I thought about buying it but instead gave myself a tug.

Instantly I became rock hard and for the next two and a half hours or so I worked on pleasuring my cock. At least a dozen times I came so close to the edge and pulled back. I oozed loads of precum. I did three webcams with very fit, hot guys, who all shot their loads whilst I preferred to prolong the intense pleasure.

When I finally came, I lay back on the bed as my body-rocking orgasm sprayed my pecs and abs with a huge amount of cum. Utterly spent, I decided to forego my planned cardio session at the gym.

All of which got me many calories did I expend in that time? At no time was I less than rock hard and my heart rate must have been well up.

So, any ideas about how much energy used?