RACING for Equality

  • outlaw82

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    Jun 30, 2010 6:09 AM GMT
    This weekend I will be bringing my dirt track stock car to the track for the first time this season after ending the 2009 season with a 5th place finish in the final race. While deciding to take the seaosn off to save money, i have decided to take a different direction. I will be changing my traditional number to a symbol. i will be running the "=" sign as my number in support equal rights for the GLBT community. All monies that I earn will be donated to the HRC this week.

    Maybe just maybe there is someone who was like i was sitting in the stands feeling a little awekward, out of place, down on themself, possible depressed or alone in the world. Hopefully they are there this weekend and see that they are not alone, that they can enjoy this sport and be gay/bi etcMaybe just maybe i reach someone like someone did me!

    There are all different types of people in our community and well, i dont know of many who race dirt track stock cars around here haha. So here is an opportunity to see or do something a little different haha.

    If you are in or around the New Mexico area and are interested in coming out, or are just interested by any means, drop me a line at

    Running on a vastly limited budget this weekend but with the help of a couple my great sponsors such as outlaw graphix (, i am going to make it out there and put on a good show...
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    Jun 30, 2010 1:05 PM GMT
    I guess that sounds like fun. I'm not big into car racing, but equality car racing? Maybe it's better.