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  • Artesin

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    Jul 03, 2010 11:19 AM GMT
    I know this is a long read but its frustration from the past three years just releasing itself. I need some help in dispelling the mysteries of my dilemma.

    So no matter what I do I seem to hit a brick wall when trying to gain muscle. I set up routines that follow every workout rule and perform every exercise with proper form and speed. Most routines focusing on 10 workouts, 3 of them being compound the other 7 isolated to the corresponding day, working out 3 days a week on a split routine ranging from cables, equipment and free weights. Whenever I feel comfortable with the weight I increases it in increments and lift till i give in half way up the rep but after a while its like i stall. Sure its easy to do bench presses at 120 lbs for 3 sets at 12 reps but trying to increase that to 140 or even 130 seems impossible. Maybe it's all psychosomatic where I think I will drop the bar but it seems legitimately hard to push out even 6 reps with proper form if I barely alter the weight.

    I just dont know what to do anymore, it seems like everything I try just fails to work. Its gotten to the point where the next day I just dont seem to much pain or tenderness at all no matter how well i think the work out went the night before. Even if I were to alter my routine I don't know what else I could really do to it. I read so much on over training being detrimental to mass building but really wouldn't it be extremely hard to reach that point? Surely athletes do 5x the amount of exercises that any gym regular ever does and they seem unaffected. Something just has to give as this 12 rep, 3 set form on every exercise seems lacking, like theres not enough push.

    Is there no routine out there that's like a perfect science and will work for everyone? Weight training is already boring enough and it feels like wasted effort without the desired results. Another problem shows itself when I cant gauge how well my workouts are going. Its quite deceiving to go through a workout and having the exercises totally fatige my muscles and wake up the next morning feeling like nothing had happened. There are just so many methods out there I want something that is fast paced and exhausting that will still allow me to put on the weight rather than burn it off. Are there any workouts I can do outside the realm of weight training to increase my gains?

    Should I just give in and try something like p90x and opt for endurance and fitness rather than just pure size? I had intended to try it after i had gained a good amount of weight as adding in too much cardio speeds my already fast metabolism up. Already going through well over 3500 calories a day and not gaining a pound in muscle or otherwise. Sitting at 165, I just want those last 15 lbs -.-

  • vintovka

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    Jul 03, 2010 2:42 PM GMT
    I'm no expert but I found that I hit a wall wiyh weight training pretty quickly back when I was in my 30s and couldn't seem to get around it--then I read an article by a trainer who said that he advised his clients over 30 to only work out any given muscle group o more thatn once a week.

    I am not really looking to get big, but since I have started doing that (letting each muscle group rest a full week between workouts) I've found that I've gained strength naturally. So while you are nowhere near as old as I am, I would suggest that your body may just need more time than you are giving it. You can go to the gym often still (if you want) but maybe try to schedule an extra day or two for recover for each body part.

    The other big question is: What are you eating? If you are simply not taking in enough carbs or protein you will have real problems putting on muscle.
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    Jul 03, 2010 6:38 PM GMT
    You've absolutely got to get the weight higher. No excuses. No exceptions.