anyone every set up the mac time capsule,

  • JohnG16775

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    Jul 03, 2010 10:13 PM GMT
    Hey Guys I just purchased a time capsule 1 Terabite , to replace my old router, I am currently running a new mac book air on the old system and a crappy dell, what should I look out for and any tips?

    Thanks Studs

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    Jul 04, 2010 2:28 AM GMT
    Like most Apple stuff, you can install a default configuration pretty much by plugging it in and stepping through the setup wizard.

    One thing that did take a long time to figure out: you can choose anything you want as your network password. HOWEVER, if you are going to have whinedoze lusers on the system, they will have to use the (28 digit?) WEP code instead of the password. The airport software generates the WEP code from the password that you selected, BUT to get one that's compatible with some whinedoze boxes, you have to choose a password with a certain number of characters (which I don't remember right now - 8?) Or just turn off security icon_eek.gif Otherwise, some people can log on, others can't, and you can never figure out why icon_evil.gif

    Also there was some fiddling around when setting up automatic time machine backups with multiple computers. The setup wizard handles the first one automatically, but you have to manually set up accounts or logins for subsequent machines. I didn't take notes, unfortunately, just fiddled with it until it worked.