As luck would have it strange things occur in life. I was on my way to Guǎngdōng Shěng resting in the food court after spending a night at the Sky Court Narita Hotel, when behold, a chum from my days in the U.S. wandered in. It had been years.

It did not take long until I discovered he too was an expat. While I had relocated to New Zealand over 30 years ago he had relocated to Japan. What was even more wonderful he did not seem to have lost that flame for the boys he had so long ago.

So. He introduced me to this site -- and described many of the characters of whom he thought wore stripes like those young men who so rallied to the call of the Soviets in eastern europe in those days when he was young. I told him I did not hardly believe him that in this day such evil would exist nowhere, certainly not in America.

So here I am. One month to the day later. I thought perhaps that I would venture into the field. See what might be stirred to flight. Determne for myself -- most especially after spending yet again a few weeks in a communist nation -- whether it was possible any such thought might pervade the Psyche of those young (maybe old and worn) minds of America who venture onto a sex site, such that they believe taking freedom from the man who once was free to achive was going to better their collective futures.

I shall be slow but attempt to post daily my various ramblings on what life has taught me, brought me, and enabled me to achieve.