It seems a number of their articles are either dismissive of issues facing gays, attacking "the gay left", or whining that they truly are happy being alone because other gays disgust them.

So whats the deal? Are these people anti-gay or what? Also, you should really check out he comments section, totally hilarious.

My favorite quote from the above article

"We are not victims, as some advocates of same-sex marriage suggest (and which the expression “legalization of gay marriage” implies). Those advocates are pushing for a serious social change. They are asking for the state to treat same-sex unions as it does different-sex unions and confer upon them a status, a marriage recognized by the state, long reserved for such different-sex unions.

Instead of whining like victims, make the case why our unions should be privileged as are different-sex unions. But, I’ve said this before, more times than I can count, so let me repeat it once again: advocates of state recognition of gay marriage are not fighting for the legalization of an institution, but seeking to have the state privilege certain same-sex unions as it now privileges different-sex ones. So, we need to make a positive case for why our unions merit such privilege.

Let me repeat, his is not about rights, it’s about privileges. If it were about rights, there would be no issue."

This one has an INCREDIBLY ridiculous quote

"Okay. So have you heard of this story where the high school girl who wanted to attend the prom with her “lesbian girlfriend” (I use the quotes because, really. Call me an old stick-in-the-mud*, but are high-schoolers self-aware enough to realize they’re lesbians already? And even if so, are we encouraging kids that young to identify themselves sexually? What ever happened to the innocence and beauty of youth? Ugh, but anyway.) was duped into arriving at some sham event while the actual prom was being held somewhere else?"

You know what...I take that back, I think its very clear that "" is CLEARLY anti-gay, at least to me anyway, anyone other ideas?

Note: I just think its interesting how some posters here almost mirror the things said on that site...