Travel to Amsterdam later this month

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    Jul 10, 2010 11:53 AM GMT
    My partner and I are going, and won't be there long. Will miss the PRIDE and World Cup celebrations. icon_cry.gif Anyone have any "must do" recommendations along the lines of museums, restaurants, canal tours, coffee bars or hot sex locations. We know the city is full of all of the above so looking for recommendations so we can cut to the chase.
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    Jul 10, 2010 5:33 PM GMT
    O gesus where to start? next month? Ill send you a few links online, you'd best do a lot of reading up on this.. Cause in my opinion. most everything there is worth a see...

    Do not miss the "reguliersdwarsstraat" pretty much the gay centre.. the town is very small and evreything there is to do is more or less walkable in distance (dont even bother getting a car in old European city centres, these places were designed for horse and carriage)... so from there you can easily find the red-light disctrict.. theres a sex museum, live sex shows everywhere...

    Try to avoid the bigger massive coffeeshops... I dont like em...too touristy.. go to the smaller ones strewn about the city outside of the very touristy areas like the RLD

    And yes, art museums, go to the "Rijksmuseum" if your into art... and if you like opera or theatre you can go to the "Concertgebouw"...

    Those are the big ones, but I would watch out for all the smaller cultural venues and activities you'll find

    Clubbing, yeah Paradiso, but ask any gay guy and they'll tell you a good gay club..

    Concerts Melkweg

    And just walking around and hanging out in parks is fun too... you meet interesting people that way.... how long are you going btw??

    One thing: though amsterdam has the reputation of being a party city.. this is mostly what the tourists see... the locals (Dutch) are very tolerant, but prefer to keep things on the down-low and dont like it when the tourists get too rowdy and in-you-face screaming and shouting at every corner of the street.. which is very common for overly drunk tourists to do... so be chill in Holland.. the standard term the Dutch use for themselves is "nuchtere hollander" meaning "the sobre Dutch people"... that speaks volumes of their cultural attitude

    And finally: avoid some areas... there are some "ghettoes" although they are mostly far outside of the centre, so no worry if you stay in the centre...

    Also, do not make public displays of affection.. not inly do the Dutch generally prefer keeping things low-key, there are still cases of gay couples being harassed in Amsterdam... especially by teenage gangs who are just out to bash people (like anywhere) for any reason they can think of..... so dont make the mistake of thinking that everyone would accept openly gay affectionate behaviour... though it does happen with tourists.. and thats why they get harrassed the quickest
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    Jul 10, 2010 5:33 PM GMT
    BTW, what on earth is a "hot sex location"?? You mean where yo can *^% outdoors? Sure, the parks, especially the Vondelpark, but only at night...

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    Jul 10, 2010 6:00 PM GMT
    oh man, i could go on forever...but here's a couple tips

    rent a bike, but make sure it's a discreet that doesn't scream TOURIST... i think Mike's Bikes on Kerkstraat (also a gay street) has some decent ones. pay attention to the flow of bike traffic at the beginning. you should be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly. you CANNOT pass up this experience if you are in a'dam.

    if you happen to be partying all night as the sun is rising, i suggest a walk around the Jordaan neighborhood... it will be desolate, beautiful and amazing.

    there's a gay sex show called Why Not Blue Boy on Spuistraat (also an amazing street for cafes, restaurants, coffeeshops, shopping). it's not as good as you might think, but still novel.

    go to the top of the westerkerk church... an amazing view from up there.

    buy some shrooms from the Magic Mushroom Gallery and then jump on the 168 bus (or maybe it was 186, not sure) from Dam square all the way to the Bas forrest and trip the fuck out... it's huge and you'll get lost, but it's not that big, so just keep walking straight and eventually you'll get out and figure a way to get home. just make sure it's a pleasant day and you bring enough water and food with you.

    as for coffeeshops, everyone has their favorite... i'd suggest just walking around and peaking your head into whichever one catches your interest and seeing if it is worth stopping for a spliff. im partial to Amnesia on the Herengracht (small, comfortable, board games available to play, bongs available for use) and La Tertulia on Prisengracht which makes amazing flavorful shakes and has a few seats on the patio to watch the world go buy on the canal.

    Soho is a good gay bar to start the night. then head to Exit next door for a pretty raucous club atmosphere.

    if you're into art, obviously van gogh and rijksmuseum. there's also a really interesting history museum called the Dutch Resistance museum, which explains how the dutch resisted nazi occupation.

    the canal tours are cheesy, but it's the best way to view the city from the canals unless you have a local friend with a boat.

    i could go on and on... so if you have any questions, just let me know
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    Jul 10, 2010 6:49 PM GMT
    Museums: Here's a list of all the museums we have in Amsterdam.

    The Van Gogh and Diamond museum are my favourites.

    Restaurants: What do you like?

    For a good breakfast, brunch, lunch or high tea I'd recommend you (No English I see, but it is on Warmoestraat 69)

    I'd recommend you a Dutch pancake restaurant, but I don't like the ones they have in Amsterdam. The best are in the smaller villages.

    Try this:

    Canal tours:

    Go to central station and you'll find a whole bunch of services you can choose from, regular tours, dinner tours, exclusive tours etc. etc.

    If you wanna enjoy the Canals in all peace go to "de 9 straatjes": (Great shopping, food and unique stores)

    Coffee bars:

    On the Rembrandtsplein you have the nicest cafes, but they get crowded rather fast.

    Sex locations:

    I have no idea, I am not in the gay scene.

    Have fun in Amsterdam, rent a bike or vespa and enjoy the sightseeing even more!