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    Jul 14, 2010 10:40 PM GMT
    Link to an article I was just introduced to:

    "NIAID scientists identified the new antibodies by screening the blood of one HIV-infected African American patient who produced them naturally. By lifting the obstructive protein covering that HIV uses to guard its CD4-binding site, and isolating only those antibodies that were tailor-made to attach to this gate, scientists zeroed in on just two antibodies that were able to neutralize an unprecedented 90% of circulating HIV strains."

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    What do you guys think? I'm no biologist, but it looks as if this research is all in vitro (literally - in a glass). What kinds of obstacles must be passed before human trials can begin? This is research done by a national organization based in Bethesda, MD- Is there potential for the research to progress (towards human trials) more productively/rapidly (but still safely) outside of the US?
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    Jul 14, 2010 11:57 PM GMT
    You are correct. It is in vitro.
    The biggest problem is that they do not know how the antibodies work. Or probably how to make them.
    Also, the HIV virus mutates quite rapidly. Since, the anitbody essentially binds to the HIV receptor site, all the anitbody does is hide that spot from HIV so it can not attach. What if the virus changes form?
    It may not work. Several vaccines have been made that worked in petri dishes but than did not work in the human body.
    Funding should not be too big of a problem. But patents and countries hoarding the vaccine from other countries are an issue. Cost of such a vaccine. I bet you, religious groups will scream that it weakens society by encouraging more gays and promiscuous people to have unsafe sex. They will be right.

    It will be months and years before the mechanism of the antibodies is know. Then several more years before an effective vaccine could be found. If the initial vaccine is too weak to kill all the virus, the virus will only become more stronger-the antibodies would be rendered ineffective.

    It will only protect people against new infections. All the people who have the virus will be unaffected.

    Another team outside the US will have to come up with something similar independently. Everyone will be secretive. This vaccine will have such a big effect that it will probably be rewarded the Nobel Prize. It will be a heroic measure like the polio virus in the 1950s. Imagine the publicity and the funding. It only speeds the race to finding a vaccine.
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    Jul 15, 2010 12:44 AM GMT
    MuchMoreThanMuscle said
    carmineastoria said more gays and promiscuous people to have unsafe sex.

    There is a shitload of people now who currently do not have safe sex. I do not think think your statement is valid. Do not believe me? Go to and observe the 90% of the people on that website who film themselves having sex with different people without the use of condoms. This applies to both gay and straight people.

    I said gays AND promiscuous(which includes all people-straight and gays-who have sex with multiple partners)