NYTIMES Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/16/world/middleeast/16iran.html?hpw

I'm sorry but I just don't FUCKING understand this. It's like a series of articles written by The Onion. So Amiri gets "kidnapped" in Saudi Arabia, but that's just a story the U.S. tells him to tell Iran. Because what "really" happened, and what the U.S. is "openly" admitting, is that the U.S. offered him a $5 million job which entailed him giving secret nuclear information about Iran to the U.S. But this "secret" is now public. So let me get this right, essentially the U.S. is saying,

"Hey WORLD, we gave this guy money to find out about Iran's secrets and are now sending him back with a fake story to tell Iran that he was kidnapped, even though Iran can FUCKING see this article too."

Is the U.S. just hoping that Iran will think, "Oh the U.S. is just trying to scare us by saying they have the inside scoop on our technology when they don't. The U.S. just kidnapped him. Rabble rabble rabble more excuse to be anti-American!" Is that why the U.S. being so public about this? I mean it's either they are hoping that Iran turns this into a "oh no the U.S. didn't really do that" denial story to save face, or they just want the scientist to be murdered in his own country!

So lost....