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    Jul 18, 2010 2:49 AM GMT
    well this has to do with Genetic Lady Gaga says..'if you kill a cow, you have to make a burger". Im a huge meat fan..well i cant help it as im West i would be in heaven if this animal was slaughtered and cook. Think of all the stew and burgers that can be made from this magnificent specimen. And since science accepts this type of genetic manipulation..why dont they just go all out and start cross breeding animals..besides the liger, tigon, zass etc...why not try and cross a feline with a canine..?

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    Jul 18, 2010 4:58 AM GMT
    Genetic recombination to produce a successful progeny needs to have parents of common enough genetic makup: Horse and donkey, tiger and lion. Even then, they are not viable. Hybrids can not reproduce.
    Something even as close as a gorilla and a human do not share enough genetic alleles to produce a live offspring with inheritable traits. The body cells kill all "non-self" cells in nature.
    Canines and felines do not share enough genetic markers.
    Certainly genetic recombination in-vitro has resulted in hybrid cells: mouse and human DNA. But that is only as far as having DNA mixed. Never has a successful cell been produced between these two hybrids.
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    Jul 18, 2010 5:06 AM GMT
    A couple of years ago, someone did an experiment with mice chimeras. I can not cite this as I do not remember it.
    They used 4 parent cells- normally it is only 2- to create offsprings. The scientists could not tell the difference between the gene sequence of the chimeras and the normal offsprings.
    However, one scientist let the mice run free in an enclosure. He found out that normal male mice had harems of female mice. However, at some points in the colony, there were male mice that were aloof. Overwhelmingly, they were the white chimeras. They may have been homosexuals, but the overwhelming consensus was that while human gene sequencing could not tell the difference, female mice could.
    They did not even attempt to procreate with a degenerate organism.