]here is a dream i had:

The Trip:

me and a group of people where going on a trip around the world. after we cross this bridge we enter a chinese resturant where we where offered free ice cream. The tour guide then told us we where going into a movie theater. after a wait where were lead into the viewing room. There were alot of girls dress up as the monster in the movie. it was some type of white alien with purple tenticles comming out of its back. while taking our seat i had a felling of da ja voo and felt as if everyone would die depending on where they where sitting. so i kelt changing my spot in the movie place. while jumping from seat to seat i met this old lady, the guide, a nerdy guy, this gansta guy and his girl. on the left side of the theater there was all the girls who dress up like the alien.

the lights darken and the movie started... i closed my eyes tightly to not see the movie but i could remeber all the images...


the movie cut out.. and i panic.. i remebered now the old lady would be first to die and i happen to be sitting beside her. i hurry up to switch spot but as i sat next to people i remeber they would die to so kept moving. finally i found a spot in the back middle row that was safe. someone kindly walk over and killed the person sitting next to me. this put everyone in the theater in a uproar. then another person was killed. a girl who ate ice cream with me was killed next.

there was a flashback that show that the girl was possissed and her friends wouldnt allow her over their houses. i asked her friend if she watched the movie too and she told me she hadn't watched it yet due to their falling out.

i then invision a map lay-out of all the seats where people would be killed.

their was a vision of me and the guide where he told me he asked for a pass out of this alternate reality but the only way for him to leave was if i was trapped. he told me he was able to escape death here but he wasnt strong enough to save anyone else but i was.

after the vision more and more people where killed ...


a few people where able to leave safely though...

Me and the Guide ended up in a fast food restuart next. he told me that i had 2 options. i could either remain their save the next group or leave and they would die like all the other. He was trapped their and couldnt leave. while thinking of what to do and seeing what would happen to the victom.....


[color=red]There a quite a bit of typos in this.. and it was a confusing dream none the less a very kool one...[/color