... OK, with VERY little sugar. I'm trying for three months to cut out nearly all sugar with the exception of some natural sugars (like in fresh fruit). None in my coffee, none in drinks, none or very little in sauces or other food. I just want to see what it does to my body which I think is at a crossroads - I've built some decent muscle and leaned down quite a bit... but I want to ditch that last bit of fat and build even more muscle.

So far, I feel quite a bit different. First thing I've noticed is that my energy drains really quickly. I never realized how much sugar I was eating until I started to eliminate it. I knew I would have to increase the amount of food I ate to compensate, and I did. But by the weekend I was eating a LOT more, including a lot of fruit just to keep my energy up.


• Shopping. I've been eating healthy for a long time, but this is different. Rules like no carbs after 4 p.m., lots of small meals throughout the day, etc. made week 1 a challenge to find a variety of lean, high-protien food I like enough to eat. I hope this gets more intuitive.

• Cocktails. Fuck I miss a good cocktail! I love mixing up good drinks for myself and friends, and I love my bar... got into using fruit, different juices, all that fun stuff. But man, the sugar I added as syrup and juice! Now: gin and diet tonic, red wine, light beer. That's about it. BORING.

• Eating out. Practically impossible. I'm allowing a "cheat" day on Saturday nights so I can keep some semblance of a social life. But I have a few close friends who are overweight and love to get their food on, and it's been difficult to explain to them why I'm being such a bitch about eating. I hope this gets better to.

OK... so I just wanted to share this experience. I'm open to thoughts.