When you can't think of a reason why your date doesn't want to see you again

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    Jul 19, 2010 4:19 PM GMT
    I still can't figure out why my last date, who I seemed to get on very well with has basically shut me out and no longer responds to my messages.

    We met on an online dating site - maybe he had a specific image of me from my photos and when he saw me in real life he though I was much uglier than in the pics? I admit it started on a shakey note - he didn't turn up for like 20 mins and I thought I had been stood up, then half an hour later after chatting online we rearranged to meet later in the afternoon. We talked a lot and I honestly thought we were having a great time.

    Then I remember, he didn't finish his meal and wasn't interested in dessert - he also said he had someone to meet soon and had to go - but maybe he was just making that up? I felt attracted to him and said I want to see him again, but it's clear he wasn't interested in me and it must have been because of the way I look.

    In any case, it has put me off online dating forever. It brings back so many insecurities that I thought I was finished with but have now returned. Silly things like worrying if I need a nose job or if I have a chubby face (when I'm like 5 11 and 145 lb)

    Guess the best thing I can do is try to perfect myself in every way possible - get a six pack, spend thousands of pounds on plastic surgery and be flawless. Because nothing else is working right now. I always give it my all - personality, humour, confidence - I try so hard to act natural and be myself. It just isn't good enough.

    Having said that, the stress that dating and men cause me in general probably means I may be better of being single after all.
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    Jul 19, 2010 4:31 PM GMT
    *looks at perfectly handsome man with perfectly handsome nose*

    Hmmmm, it's not you, it's him. Persevere young Jedi.

    You're a piece in the jigsaw puzzle that we're all part of. There's a piece out there that will fit all your concaves and convexes beautifully. In the meantime like anyone into puzzles will tell you, you have to try numerous pieces before you stumble across the one that fits. icon_wink.gif

    Now go get 'em, tiger. Grrrr!