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    Jul 19, 2010 8:10 PM GMT
    I am not sure how to set my goals. For example short term and long term. I don't know what is realistic or not. How often do you grow while you are working out? Should I go for monthly goals, quarterly goals, or am I expecting too much in too short of a time. As far as my long term goal, I know in my mind what I want. (I don’t want to be big, but I do want to be muscular and firm. I also want to be in good shape cardio wise). How long it would take to get there I don’t know. I do know I will but it would be easier to see if I could break it down. Ok my dream is to have a body like Bachelor Jake. LOL
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    Jul 19, 2010 11:51 PM GMT

    lose 1 pound a week up to 2 pounds is realistic depending on ur workout and diet . most do .5 to 1 pound a week is good the norm.

    I set up goals every two weeks cause that is when the body can get used to new things and a better guage so u can alter if need. but i also set a time period u want this done .

    for instance i just did a fat loss challenge and it was 3 months . but i check my weight every 2 week just to make sure i was on the right path. but scale weight doesnt matter as much as mirror changes ..

    good luck
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    Jul 20, 2010 12:58 AM GMT
    Thanks newbie!