Fox - the #1 HATE channel

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    Jul 22, 2010 1:56 AM GMT
    Everybody knows that Fox "News" is a pro-right-wing spin machine.
    But, the most disgraceful and toxic thing that Fox does is not their obviously biased fake news coverage.
    It's the relentless hatemongering.
    As we've seen with the Shirley Sherrod and New Black Panther bogus controversies - they go looking for incidents and comments people have made and twist and misrepresent and take them out of context in order to try to give their right-wing viewers a distorted view of things.
    Their goal is to try to reinforce and "prove" as legitimate - the racial and anti-gay biases and hatred of the base of the Republican party.
    This despicable behavior is used the most by Fox during election years in a selfish and immoral attempt to try to anger the Republican base and get them to the polls to vote Republican.
    So, we see Fox & Co. pushing "news" stories that move hot button issues like racial bias (Acorn and Rev. Wright), immigration, and gay marriage to the front of the election year issues debate.
    Instead of deciding an election based on an intelligent and respectful debate on the issues that really matter, we get a lot of heated angry shouting about a divisive "controversy" that the Fox Republicans have created.
    We also get a country that's bitterly divided and full of ugly partisan anger.
    Which is exactly what the right-wing political strategists want.
    When they succeed in making elections about divisive second tier issues - they win.
    And the American people lose.
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    Jul 22, 2010 4:04 AM GMT
    And the purpose of this thread is?

    There was already another thread about fox news and you felt the need to create another?