Isn't it the case that many of those who perpetrate the worst attacks against gays are gay, themselves, and deeply hate their own homosexuality; in turn, to attack their own feelings towards the same sex, or to mitigate their self-hatred, they attack the gay community?

Among many, one example is George Alan Rekers, an anti-gay activist and co-founder of the right-wing Family Research Council, who was caught with a male escort, who declared: "it's a situation where he's going against homosexuality when he is a homosexual."

Jack Kerouac, one of my favorite authors in high school, would "participate in endless rounds of sex with both men and women," yet was ashamed of his homosexual experiences and "despised homosexuals" - although he famously had close gay friends.

Martin Ssepma, the scatological Ugandan priest, notoriously proclaims that homosexuals have "everything having to do with eating of poop...heterosexuals do not eat poop. And if they do, they are misguided, they are not real heterosexuals. ....that's an abomination. It's like sex with a dog, sex with a cow; it's evil." He has personally caused intense misery for countless Ugandan gays - let alone virulently supported a death-to-gays bill.

Following the train of thought, is Ssempa likely gay, too?

Endless other examples exist, including Ray Ashburn and Larry Craig.

To what extent do you think that people who cause misery to gays, are gay, themselves?

What can we do about this? As a community, can we try to discredit the vitriol by publicly pointing out that gay-haters are often gay, themselves?

We have plenty of evidence....