Israeli Spies Operating in Lebanon Caught; May Implicate Israel in Hariri Assassination

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    Jul 31, 2010 7:20 PM GMT
    Israel's Fingerprints Surface
    The Hariri Assassination
    July 23 - 25, 2010

    In the Middle East, the link between political machinations, espionage and assassination is either clear as day, or clear as mud.

    As for the yet unsolved case of the February 2005 murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, mud might be giving way to daylight.

    A crackdown on Israeli spy rings operating in Lebanon has resulted in more than 70 arrests over the past 18 months. Included among them are four high-ranking Lebanese Army and General Security officers—one having spied for the Mossad since 1984.

    A significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation occurred in late June and culminated in the arrest of Charbel Qazzi, head of transmission and broadcasting at Alfa, one of Lebanon’s two state-owned mobile service providers.

    According to the Lebanese daily As-Safir, Qazzi confessed to installing computer programs and planting electronic chips in Alfa transmitters. These could then be used by Israeli intelligence to monitor communications, locate and target individuals for assassination, and potentially deploy viruses capable of erasing recorded information in the contact lines. Qazzi’s collaboration with Israel reportedly dates back 14 years.

    On July 12, a second arrest at Alfa was made. Tarek al-Raba’a, an engineer and partner of Qazzi, was apprehended on charges of spying for Israel and compromising national security. A few days later, a third Alfa employee was similarly detained.

    Israel has refused to comment on the arrests. Nevertheless, their apparent ability to have penetrated Lebanon’s military and telecommunication sectors has rattled the country and urgently raised security concerns.

    What does any of this have to do with the Hariri assassination?

    Outside the obvious deleterious ramifications of high-ranking Lebanese military officers working for Israel, the very legitimacy of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is now in question. The STL is the U.N.-sanctioned body tasked with prosecuting those responsible for the assassination of the late prime minister. On Feb. 14, 2005, 1,000 kg of explosives detonated near Hariri’s passing motorcade, killing him and 21 others.

    It is believed the STL will issue indictments in the matter as early as September—relying heavily on phone recordings and mobile transmissions to do so.

    According to the AFP, “A preliminary report by the U.N. investigating team said it had collected data from mobile phone calls made the day of Hariri's murder as evidence.”

    The National likewise reported, “The international inquiry, which could present indictments or findings as soon as September, according to unverified media reports, used extensive phone records to draw conclusions into a conspiracy to kill Hariri, widely blamed on Syria and its Lebanese allies ...”

    In a July 16 televised speech, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah speculated the STL would use information gleaned from Israeli-compromised communications to falsely implicate the group in the prime minister’s murder:

    “Some are counting in their analysis of the (STL) indictment on witnesses, some of whom turned out to be fake, and on the telecommunications networks which were infiltrated by spies who can change and manipulate data.

    “Before the (2006) war, these spies gave important information to the Israeli enemy and based on this information, Israel bombed buildings, homes, factories and institutions. Many martyrs died and many others were wounded. These spies are partners in the killings, the crimes, the threats and the displacement.”

    Nasrallah called the STL’s manipulation an “Israeli project” meant to “create an uproar in Lebanon.”

    Indeed, in May 2008 Lebanon experienced a taste of this. At the height of an 18-month stalemate over the formation of a national unity government under then Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, his cabinet’s decision to unilaterally declare Hezbollah’s fixed-line communication system illegal pushed the country to the brink of civil war.

    Recognizing the value their secure lines of communication had in combating the July 2006 Israeli invasion and suspecting that state-owned telecoms might be compromised, Hezbollah resisted Siniora’s plans to have its network dismantled. Their men swept through West Beirut and put a quick end to the government’s plan. Two years later, their suspicions appear to have been vindicated.

    Opposition MP and Free Patriotic Movement head Michel Aoun has already warned Nasrallah that the STL will likely indict “uncontrolled” Hezbollah members to be followed by “… Lebanese-Lebanese and Lebanese-Palestinian tension, and by an Israeli war on Lebanon.”

    Giving credence to Nasrallah and Aoun’s assertions, Commander in Chief of the Israel Defense Forces Gabi Ashkenazi, predicted “with lots of wishes” that the situation in Lebanon would deteriorate in September after the STL indicts Hezbollah for Hariri’s assassination.

    Ashkenazi’s gleeful, prescient testimony to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs Committee betrays what Israel hopes the fallout from the STL’s report will be: fomentation of civil strife and discord among Lebanon’s sectarian groups, generally divided into pro- and anti-Syria factions. Ashkenazi anticipates this to happen, of course, because he knows Israel’s unfettered access to critical phone records will have framed Hezbollah for the crime.

    Israel’s agents and operatives in Lebanon and its infiltration of a telecom network have been exposed. At the very least, the STL must recognize that evidence of alleged Hezbollah involvement in Hariri’s death (a group that historically enjoyed good ties with the late premier) is wholly tainted and likely doctored.

    The arrest of Qazzi and al-Raba’a in the breakup of Israeli spy rings should prompt the STL to shift its focus to the only regional player that has benefited from Hariri’s murder; one that will continue to do so if and when their designs to implicate Hezbollah are realized.

    It is time to look at Tel Aviv.

    Rannie Amiri is an independent Middle East commentator.
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    Aug 01, 2010 1:13 PM GMT
    Israeli spies found your thread and are coming for you now. icon_eek.gif
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    Aug 01, 2010 8:47 PM GMT
    Israel. by any definition, is a terrorist state. But it has the historical support of the US, and opposes Middle East states that are even worse. Plus, it has strong political support in the US. It is another pawn in the US Middle East chess game.

    Therefore, the US is stuck with it as a so-called ally, despite all the trouble it causes us, far more than it's worth. Frankly, I wish Israel would just go away.
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    Aug 01, 2010 11:36 PM GMT
    "Israeli" spies ?!
    What "Israeli" spies ?
    As far as I could tell from reading the OP, the spies were all Lebanese, spying for Israel, if even that is the truth.

    --The Jews have occupied that territory pretty much FOREVER.
    --Israel has been a country there for more than 60 years.
    --Israel causes the U.S. zero trouble, save a few public relations difficulties when dealing with some of Israel's Arabic neighbors.
    --Billions of dollars will continue to flow from the U.S. to Israel.

    People who let Israel alone, have no trouble from Israel.
    It's that simple.
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    Aug 02, 2010 7:40 AM GMT
    sxydrkhair said"Webster666" is not even verified and he doesn't even have a face picture.

    Be aware! That "Webster666" is setting up a FAKE PROFILE!

    Take note:
    1. [Not Jews but] Zionists have occupied the land. There are two different people Zionist and Jews.
    2. The spies weren't all Lebanese, they are Israelis Mossad agents. Even hundreds of Israeli Mossad agents were caught spying in the U.S and several other countries too.
    3. "Israel" is created on stolen land more than 60 years with western powers and U.S. support.

    And, to all your charges and lies, I say, "So fucking what ?"
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    Aug 02, 2010 11:00 PM GMT
    Yet another anti-Israel thread by the person who just last week said that peace won't come from demonizing the other side?
    Obviously his continued one-sided demonizations (in addition to being false) indicate that peace isn't his purpose.
    Lebanon on edge after Hezbollah revelation on Hariri probe
    AFP - July 23, 2010

    BEIRUT - Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah's disclosure that his party is likely to be implicated in the assassination of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri could send the country sliding back to chaos, analysts warn
    The United Nations' special prosecutor investigating the 2005 assassination of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has summoned more than 10 members of the militant group Hezbollah for questioning in relation to the crime, according to Lebanese and Western officials briefed on the probe.
    Several reports from the International Independent Investigation Commission (IIIC), also headed by Bellemare, have implicated Syrian officials in Hariri's death.

    Tokugawa has now become a Hizbullah apologist, cozying up to the terrorist organization that prior to 9/11 had murdered the most Americans.

    Also exposed are the rest of the hatists that seek any excuse to regurgitate their anti-Israel bile (and, as we've sadly seen in previous topics, their anti-Jewish bile). Spamming once again their tired (and long debunked) soundbites and slogans. Either based on the false accusation in the OP... or the usual nonsense which has nothing to do with the purported topic. Make no mistake: the topic isn't the Hariri Assassination probe but let's accuse Israel of something, anything....

    It is particularly troubling to see Wilton ("I wish Israel would just go away") engage in this. Just four weeks ago he complained that a pro-Israel topic was off-topic for RJ, but evidently one anti-Israel topic after another doesn't bother him. For the record, this is the 6th anti-Israel topic posted in the last two weeks or so. Nonetheless it serves to show that hate knows no bounds and can come from any quarter, even people who otherwise appear and consider themselves perfect gentlemen.

    Existing discussion topics (from the last 2 years):

    "Palestine" is the Latin/European name for Eretz Yisrael, the Jewish homeland
    - and Arab denials of the existence of "Palestine".

    Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people.
    (Judaism is a religion, Jews are an ethnic group)

    Arabs are not indigenous to Israel


    1947-1948: Arabs reject compromise and attack Israel

    Jaffa: 94% fled before entry of Israeli forces; 6% became Israeli citizens

    In search of a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict: UNSCR 242, Oslo and Camp David/Taba
    (Or: I support the Clinton COMPROMISE parameters. Do you?!)

    Pallywood: fake news revealed

    Free Gaza from what truly afflicts it: Hamas

    Countries that support gays or kill them
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    Aug 03, 2010 2:04 AM GMT
    You forgot these links too

    Not allowing Christians pray in Jerusalem

    Israel was jealous of Palestinians, when U.S. gave money to them.

    Obama: $400 Million in New Aid to Palestinians
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    Aug 03, 2010 3:47 AM GMT
    ROTFL, for three reasons.

    1. You've proven that there was no reason to start yet another anti-Israel topic.
    This was not done to present facts or intelligently discuss something, but solely to demonize Israel.

    2. I invite anyone to follow my links and yours.
    What they'll see is that my thesis statement is supported and not refuted by anyone.
    While your spam-propaganda - yellow journalism - topics, like this one, are immediately called out and shown wrong.
    The "topic" (like here) isn't even the topic, just another excuse to spam the kitchen sink.
    You see "Bash Israel" as the topic, which perhaps explains why you don't even notice that your spam fails.
    (In your kangaroo court, making accusations is what counts. You miss that they don't stick.)

    3. My topics explore factual issues and were posted in response to misinformation you spammed in numerous other discussions.
    Your topics are racist-hatist in nature, designed to infect others with your hate.

    Consider: "Another Example of Israeli Ethnic Cleansing". Not only wasn't that a legitimate "example", but even if it were it proves nothing.
    The plural of anecdote is not data, and even if your anecdotes were true (and they're not) it wouldn't prove anything.

    Can anyone imagine if I rushed to post every anti-Israel Arab act of terrorism and titled it: "Another example of Arab terrorism"? (As if we really need examples?) The difference is that I wouldn't have to fabricate or grossly exaggerate or manipulate the data... and still that's not what I do.

    Still don't get it? What if someone endlessly posted topics like: "Another example of how gays are mentally sick", "Gay leader backs child molestation", "Gay person accused of attacking people", etc?
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    Aug 03, 2010 7:10 AM GMT
    sxydrkhair> "Arabs" [Palestinians] are not indigenous to Israel. You don't find that racist?

    It is a statement of fact - which your own sources (when not selectively mis/quoted) confirm.
    As can be debated in that topic (which no one has refuted).

    The source you now MISquote is speaking of common ancestry in the neolithic era (some 10,000 years) ago - which disproves your claim that the Palestinian Arabs descend from Jews as of 1,400 years ago). When she speaks of "the area", it is not limited to the confines of a map drawn in 1923, to the west of the Jordan River.

    You are right that the "genetics don't lie", but they (including numerous follow-up studies over the past 10 years) do not support what you say and do support what I say - as I've documented in that topic.

    Which is why samxr wishes to rehash this nonsense here rather than in that topic, where what he is saying was already refuted.

    sxydrkhair> And some of your propaganda links like Pallywood [anti-Palestinians].

    A CBS 60-Minutes report showing news being forged, documenting false news stories (the very things you spam) is not "anti-Palestinian".
    It's anti-lying-for-the-cause. If you consider this "anti-Palestinian", it confirms you consider "Palestinian" to be lying-for-the-cause.

    sxydrkhair> You believe there is no such thing as a Palestinian people.

    The ethnogenesis of the Palestinian people was in the latter half of the 20th century.
    Not hundreds let alone thousands of years ago.

    Can you still not explain how Sheikh Qassem (the Hamas icon) is a "Palestinian"?He was born in northern Syria to an Arab family. In the 1930s he fled from Syria (where he was tried and punished to death) to Mandate Palestine. He never considered himself a "Palestinian". Why do you?

    How about Nayef Hawatmeh (founder of the PFLP & DFLP terrorist groups), born to an Arab tribe in Jordan.
    What made him a "Palestinian"?

    One only need look at what the Arabs of Mandate Palestine were themselves saying as late as the 1930s: that there was no such thing as "Palestine" or "Palestinians". Those, they claimed, were Zionist inventions (because these terms were then understood to refer to Jews).

    Again your comments only serve to confirm my point.
    My topics are matters of substance and relevance.
    Like saying "The APA does not define homosexuality as a mental disease".

    Your topics are mostly [false] "examples" meant demonize using racist-hatist logic.
    Like saying "Another example of a crazy gay person" - as if that makes all gay people sick.
    As if (even were the example true) gay people thus shouldn't have equal rights.
    You are a hate-monger and a war-monger.

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    Aug 04, 2010 4:39 AM GMT
    Pouncer said
    Hey anyone who wants a good laugh should click on the link above. It's composed entirely of C4 talking to himself about Israel and Helen Thomas.

    Not only have your "arguments" failed, even your attempted ad hominems are flat.

    Your link is to a reposting of a topic started by southbeach and then deleted.
    The second post contains what many other realjockers said in the original.
    Seemed to be a sufficient summary such that nothing else needed to be added.

    Thanks for calling attention to that topic.
    At least you finally got the name right, Helen - not Ellen.
    It's not too late for you to condemn her comments (as even ZbmwM5 did).
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    Aug 04, 2010 6:55 PM GMT
    pouncer> one of which is contributed to and maintained entirely by you

    ROTFL. This is exactly why it's hard to take you seriously. As noted, I reposted from a topic southbeach had deleted, posting the (saved) "contributions" of others and doing no "maintaining" of it.

    You've now been caught - twice, in back-to-back posts - misrepresenting that topic.
    Why? To engage in ad hominem rather than make a substantive contribution.

    Aside from such immature gimmicks, you're also lying again:

    pouncer> I said I didn't agree with her remarks in the original thread

    What you actually said:

    Pouncer (9 June 2010)> those were harsh words by Ellen Thomas. But after 60+ years of Zionist madness and the resultant degeneration of the Middle East into something resembling a tinderbox - completely understandable

    Prompting this comment from a usually mild-mannered and reserved member:

    NNJfitandbi> I lack Caesarea4's tenacity, but you [pouncer] are ill-informed. Know-it-alls usually are. How about some humility in your approach, kid!

    C4> Noted again is pouncer's refusal (inability?) to explicitly condemn the remark.
    You have so little concern for what Helen said that you can’t even get her name right, the twice you’ve mentioned her, even while using her Antisemitic remarks as a foundation [springboard] to vent your own biases and prejudices.

    You'll endlessly beat around the bush here precisely because you agree with Helen Thomas' racist comment.
    If not, you provided and have the link - let's see if you can make an explicit condemnation in that topic rather than another apologism.
    Something like this:
    TigerTim> The things she said are dreadful. She should apologize for them. There's little more to say.

    No need to further say nothing here. Just go there and say it if you believe it.
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    Aug 04, 2010 7:05 PM GMT
    Wilton saidIsrael. by any definition, is a terrorist state.

    With that logic, you are by definition a terrorist.
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    Aug 04, 2010 7:07 PM GMT
    sxydrkhair said"Webster666" is not even verified and he doesn't even have a face picture.

    Be aware! That "Webster666" is setting up a FAKE PROFILE!

    He's probably keeping himself anonymous so angry Palestinians like yourself don't get ahold of his information.
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    Aug 05, 2010 5:37 AM GMT
    pouncer> you can busy yourself condemning the personal ad hominems... - like JB82; who's obviously insane

    Holy oblivion. You have a knack for stringing together such self-referential absurdities.

    pouncer> I have already stated my disagreement with the remark made

    You have not, and if you truly disagreed with her you wouldn't hide behind claiming you already had rather than doing so "again".
    You would explicitly and in no uncertain terms condemn the statement in the relevant topic.
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    Jun 25, 2016 2:34 PM GMT
    Q: Just who is GymFreak who also posts in hidden mode as theantiSock pka theantiCock (mockeries of my screenname theantijock) pka OnTarget?
    A: Just some poster filled with hate who spews ANTI-SEMITIC and HOMOPHOBIC in his RADICAL ISLAMIST rage against RJ

    How do we know this to be true?

    Because GymFreak declared that a child who converted to Christianity, this young gay youth, offspring of Palestinian Terrorist Hamas Founder, should have let his own Muslim family "honor kill" him for being gay. He stated that the 14-year-old kid was a "loser" because he fled his own family to save his young gay life.

    theantijock said on this thread
    GymFreak aka theantiCock said
    theantijock said...except that CNN recorded his own "Palestinian" father threatening his own son with death...

    Maybe because "John Calvin" was threatening his own family? He is a sellout loser.

    You call this kid, who left his family home in fear at 14, this kid saving his own life from being killed by his own family, this kid as selling out?

    There is not one good person on this forum, not one good person in this country, not one good person on this planet, not one good person known to God who would read that and not think that you are disgusting.

    Oh Sinnerman where you gonna run to?

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    Jun 25, 2016 7:07 PM GMT
    put tokugawa in "Ignore"
    all good but tired reading about Israel