Someone flirted with me at the gym today!

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    Aug 02, 2010 2:49 AM GMT
    I rushed into the gym, since I only had half an hour before it closes. I believe that the girl at the front desk was trying to flirt with me. Usually, I go to the gym to work out. Occasionally, I'll look at hot guys but mostly, I was there to get my shit done and focus. I usually have my Ipod on so that I don't get distracted. This is the second time that I noticed that she was trying to flirt with me. The first time was she shouted at me to say goodnight. I didn't even notice. lol. This time, she was trying to strike up a conversation with me saying how I'm late and that the gym will be closed soon with a smile on her face. Too bad I am gay because she was cute too. But, of course, to make her day a little brighter, I flirted back. And then, she was all smiley and stuff. icon_smile.gif I wasn't trying to deceive her or anything but it's such a good feeling to know that someone has a crush on you, I'll probably do the same thing with cute guys. Do you have any stories where you being a good samaritan and flirted with someone just to make their day abit better?
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    Aug 02, 2010 3:19 AM GMT
    The closest I think of to reciprocate a flirt back was when I visited Charlotte in the summer of 2006 and went inside this GNC at a dying outlet mall. I swear the young girl working in the store was flirting with me. But then again I was the only one in the store besides her and she may have been more than desperate for conversation. So that might be a bad example. icon_redface.gif
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    Aug 02, 2010 3:23 AM GMT
    Lol, awwww...

    Some girls may have flirted with me, I don't notice these things.

    Once, however, a girl... well... a woma... ehhhh, I don't know how to call her, but this... female... tried to communicate with me in a rather strange manner. I struggled to hear what she was saying (at first I assumed she was just asking the time), but apparently she was looking for a place to stay and she was offering WHAT icon_eek.gif
    And I leaned towards her to be able to hear her, brrrrrrr... gave me a cold sicknessy feeling...

    I was terrified. I rushed back home, constantly looking back because I though she might be chasing me... icon_redface.gif
    And that happened after I watched 'How to train your dragon'. I never should have left my fiends at the cinema. Now I'll always think of her when I see that film.

    I think I was a 'good samaritan'; I frantically pulled back when I realised what she was saying, but I managed to keep my face straight...