Friends to go on Cruises!

  • herna1pd

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    Aug 04, 2010 6:04 PM GMT
    Hey Gents.....Love going on cruises! They don't have to be ALL gay (but I'd like to go on one soon) Just looking to make friends who like cruising and who happen to know of cool things to check out!

    Thanks! icon_smile.gif
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    Nov 11, 2010 6:27 PM GMT
    Huge cruise fan here. If you have not checked this out on there is a LGBT forum. You could either look for someone to plan a cruise with or just read about people's experiences.

    We went on a Royal Caribbean cruise in August (my 7th) and I had a blast. In large part because I found the "roll call" on for my particular sailing and thus had made a bunch of friends before even setting sail. Two people in our group planned shore excursions having done a lot of homework in advance and invited others to join them. We had two great days and I have some new friends on Facebook to share memories with!