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    Aug 05, 2010 10:28 PM GMT
    Is there a term for attacking everything but the substance of a ruling? Predictably (yawn!) the far-right and religious fear/hate crowd are attacking everything but the Prop 8 ruling. All the usual foaming about "activist judges", "attacks on marriage," etc., etc., etc. (Questions: how can they swallow/repeat the same thing over and over and over? How can you live in such a constant atmosphere of outrage?)

    Which makes this, from today's Advocate, a refreshing read, as well as a return to sanity:

    "At a Wednesday evening rally in West Hollywood, co-lead plaintiffs' attorney David Boies had this to say about mounting criticism of the case by religious and social conservative groups:

    "You're going to hear a lot from the other side. And most of what you're going to hear from the other side is going to be a series of attacks. They're going to attack the judge. They're going to attack the judicial system. They're going to attack everything they can think of to attack except the court's opinion. Because I guarantee you that the people that you hear criticizing this opinion are not going to be prepared to deal with what the opinion has found. I guarantee you that most of the people who criticize the opinion will not even have read it.

    "Because what this opinion does is it goes through ... in a thorough, careful, methodical way, what all the claims were and what all the evidence was, and the court concluded that there simply is no evidence to justify the invidious discrimination against some of our citizens based on sex and sexual orientation. And that is something that the other side cannot deal with."
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    Aug 06, 2010 12:45 AM GMT
    yes, it's called a straw man argument with ad hominem attacks