I've been trying to bulk up for some time. Recently have stopped for a few months because of problems with my shoulder and back as well as lifestyle (job, location, etc) changes. I'm getting ready to start back up again but just found out after a physical my cholesterol levels are rather high (over healthy range), as well as my HDL and LDL levels. This condition is apparently hereditary in my family. I'm wondering if anyone can offer me some advice in terms of formulating a suitable diet plan? I already abstain from deep fried foods, and also try to stick to low fat dairy and egg whites in my diet. I'm not really sure how practical it is for me to have a bulk up diet plan that is absent cholesterol and saturated fats at the same time. Thanks for your help in advance.

Also on an unrelated note, does anyone have any problems with mercury levels in salmon, trout and cod? I'm trying to increase the proportion of seafood in my diet in place of beef and pork, and I know tuna and mackerel are notable for their high mercury levels.