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Danny Duval was about to stay in his very first homeless shelter. The young man looked forward to a shower, a meal, and a place to spend the night after several days of being on the road. The 19 year old was on his way Florida to look for work.

Jake Ruiz spotted Danny at once. The mid 30’s man was a big beefy stud. He had not set foot in a gym since high school, his muscles were from hard manual labor.

He lived his life to party and have sex. He bragged of his conquests, and never had to exaggerate. He had no hang ups and spoke openly about his sexual activities with both females and males. He told tales of orgies and gang bangs.

Jake watched as Danny set up at an empty cot. He saw the shyness and awkwardness of this kid. It had been a while once he had a piece of boy and he found this kid pretty hot.
Jake’s eyes lit up as he saw the kid heading towards the shower room. He grabbed a towel and followed. The kid was at one of the changing benches, he was removing his shirt. Jake liked the smooth skinny chest with the big round nipples. He could work with that.

He stood at the bench directly in front of where the kid undressed. He stared openly, not attempting to disguise his obvious cruising. The kid was nervous, this let Jake know the boy wasn’t used to public showers.

Danny undressed rapidly. Several men were in the large open communal shower.

Jake watched the kid strip. Fairly smooth skinny young body, not much cock, high, small nuts in a tight sack. The kid turned to enter the shower area. The kid had a small smooth ass, a bit girlish like small young men sometimes have.

As Danny went inside the shower, he selected a nozzle as far away from the other showering men as he could get. He wet his body, as he lathered up he forgot the nervousness of showering with strangers.

Jake moved to the nozzle right next to Danny’s. He also lathered up as he stared at the small young man. His cock was semi erect. He tugged at his foreskin, stretching it, then retracted it over his dick head. Standing maybe two feet from Danny, he began stroking his cock, staring at the wet soapy kid.

From the moment Jake had moved beside, Danny had been aware of the large hairy man showering next to him. It had made him uncomfortable, but the country boy really didn’t know why.
He didn’t look towards Jake, he continued washing. Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly realized the man was beating off. Danny was in shock, masturbation was something that was secret, shameful, and kept private in Danny’s life!

That’s about the time that Danny also realized the man was jerking off by looking at him! Danny had no experience to draw on, he had no idea of how to deal with a situation this perverted! He couldn’t even conceive of what was transpiring!

Jake knew the kid had figured things out, it had taken him long enough! Now the real fun could begin! “Touch it!” Jake commanded in a voice loud enough to draw the attention of the other men.
Of course Danny wasn’t going to touch another guy’s dick! And of course he was frightened by this much larger older man even suggesting it! He didn’t now what to do! Everyone was looking at them! He was humiliated! He turned to leave.

Jake blocked his path. He stood in front of Danny, grinning. He used his size to intimidate. Moving in closer to the kid, “Nice eyes, pretty gray blue, be a shame to have them all blacked and swollen. Sweet smooth face, I’d hate to see it all cut up from a good beating. We wouldn’t want you beat down, would we kid? No telling what could happen if you were knocked out, helpless, unconscious.”
Danny was young, he was smaller, he was so humiliated, so afraid. He stared up at Jake, this was unbelievable! He shifted to get around the big man and Jake blocked him again.
Jake was so much larger then Danny. His broad chest and shoulders, his huge arms, his height, and Jake was definitely the alpha male.
“Its gonna happen, kid, you can’t stop it. There’s no need for you to get beat up. Just give it up. You don’t wanna be beaten down.” Jake said.
For the first time, Danny actually looked at Jake. He saw the man’s hairy barrel chest, he saw the bulging arms and the hands made into big fist. His eyes went lower! He felt a sickness, a burning pit in his stomach! He gasped as he saw the man’s erect cock!

Jake’s prick was hard as steel. It stuck straight out, the foreskin was retracted and rested around the ridge of the cock head. Veins stood out, the cum tube was bloated, the piss slit oozed clear shiny fluid. A huge thick mass of long black curling hair surrounded it. Several inches below, a loose hairy scrotum dangled. One nut was slightly higher then the other.
Danny stared at the manhood in terror! He didn’t know what a hard on other this his own looked liked but he knew this was what was described as hung like a horse.

Jake was indeed hung. His cock was a ten incher, a thick uncut natural piece of manhood. It was one of those rare big dicks, one that truly got hard and stiff! Long, hard, uncut, and also extremely thick, beer can thick!

The stud’s cock was twice the size of Danny’s 5 incher, it was over twice as thick! It was a huge piece that had given some pleasure, others pain! His huge nuts were fat and heavy, one of them would have filled Danny’s entire scrotum!

“Get on your knees, kid. Get down and do what cha gotta do. You don’t want the cute face all messed up, you don’t wanna see me get mad.” Jake ordered.

The strange confrontation had left only two men other than Jake and Danny in the shower area. Some of the men did not want to witness what appeared to be happening. The two that stayed, wouldn’t have missed this for anything! They wanted to see the small young guy be forced to handle that impressive cock!

Jake was the kind of man that liked showing off, he enjoyed groups. He liked to be watched, he loved being the center of attention. He moved in close to Danny, he made fists, his muscles bulged! “On your knees kid, suck my cock!”

There seemed to be no options for Danny, reluctantly, he lowered down, and knelt on the rough shower room floor. His wide eyes stared at the huge slab of fuck meat inches from his face.