Left Shoulder starting to hurt...

  • lmy2010

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    Aug 08, 2010 6:06 AM GMT
    So I'm on week 2 of the strength foundation and I think i've been doing ok, trying to emphasize the proper form, by no means trying to show off with more weight than I'm ready for, but now my left shoulder is starting to get sore, I noticed it when I was doing the dumbbell presses (I was only using 20lb weights), i heard kind of a strange almost grinding noise between what i would guess are the tendons and my shoulder bone as i went down and up with the dumbbell weights, is there something wrong with my form here?icon_redface.gif
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    Aug 08, 2010 3:25 PM GMT
    I have the same problem but with my right shoulder. I happens every time I do chest work out. So went to my doctor and he said nothing is broken and asked me to take Ibuprofen.
    One thing that helps me is properly stretching shoulder and chest muscles and then warm up exercise for shoulder joints like Dumbbell Up Rotators with light weights.