Need some advice and help if you're willing to give! (wall-o-text warning)

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    Aug 09, 2010 4:46 PM GMT
    So... I've just recently started going to the gym again after about 3 months of not going. So far I've only relied on my friends and own personal research to construct a proper diet and workout plan. My main goal is to just lean up the midsection and gain some definition in arms, chest, and calfs. So I'm looking for something that would help me focus on those areas.

    Here's the #2 (and I know you all hate this excuse) but I have very limited time at the gym as I work 2 jobs (8am - 5pm monday thru friday with a 30 minute lunch break and 5pm-11pm Tuesday,Thursday, Friday, & Sundays). The solution to this would be to go at around 6 AM, workout for about an hour, shower, and then make my 30 minute commute to work. Be at work for 8 hours, go straight to my second job, work 5 hours, then go home... 6 AM - 11PM = 16 hours of banging my head against a wall. Not to mention lugging around 3 sets of clothes. I DONT want to skip workouts on those days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Any advice to help tackle this?

    Here's point #3... and it's pretty bad. I should also mention my second job is in a sports bar where we get free meals with our shifts (leads to awful eating habits... I'm talking 700-1000 Calorie meals). This in the addition to missing the workout that day just leads to poor self esteem and more over-eating. (I was ~180 lbs in High school... I'm 150 just out of college...) This coupled with my lack of self control leads to a self-destructive lifestyle I'm trying my best to avoid. Once again, any tips any of you boys could share would be most valuable. Thanks!
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    Aug 12, 2010 10:22 AM GMT
    well first of all gain self control. you can not out train a bad diet . first and formost or you can be like a douche that always goes to the gym and takes up space cause he isnt progressing and wastes everyone time.

    or you can

    gain the control and pick smart choices to eat. even at sports bar you can pick the healthy option or pack you lunch.I have worked at clubs and done this quiet well.

    also check out the section i have

    Q and A any fitness questions . i have a quick workout tips there . and foods to eat .
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    Aug 12, 2010 10:38 AM GMT
    Is it possible to make Tues, Thurs and Fri rest days and work your ass off Mon, Wed, Sat and Sun?

    (sorry if that's not hugely helpful, my brain has shut down for the night)