Front line employees getting abused day in and out by unruly customers. When is enough, enough?

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    Aug 10, 2010 5:30 AM GMT
    Thank you *KepaArg* for initially posting a comedic version of this story though it's a real issue.

    Slater (A Jet Blue flight attendant) was working on JetBlue Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh when he got into an argument with the passenger, who was pulling down baggage from an overhead bin, the Port Authority said. The luggage apparently struck the attendant in the head and he asked for an apology, but the passenger refused, the agency said.

    As the plane was landing, Slater got on the public-address system and cussed at the passenger, the Port Authority said. He then grabbed at least one beer, activated the slide, slid down and went to his car, it said.

    **** I say hurray for him. I have been in the service industry for over 15+ years. From hotels, to travel companies, cruise ships and airlines industries. And the abuse that you endure really goes too far at times. I'm an advocate for great service and actually teach seminars on it. Though, I'm sorry the customer is not always right and if you are doing the most to go above and beyond and the customer is still attempting to abuse yourself and the system there has to be a line ****
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    Aug 10, 2010 6:31 AM GMT
    icon_lol.gif How bizzare, he's even got a fan page for himself on Facebook. I glanced at his profile; his book interests include AA and Twelve & Twelve, he must be so stressed, at least he got that beer.