Republicanism = Crash and Burn

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    Aug 13, 2010 11:35 PM GMT
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    Here are seeing the end game of Republicanism here in the United States
    and it's basically costing us everything

    Economically .... The republican model of Reagonomics Trickle Down Supply side
    Voodoo economics has been nothing but a disaster for this country
    It has been shown to us again and again when you cut taxes to the wealthy they Do NOT go out and spend and give back to the economy
    and what do we have now? The biggest gulf between the top two percent and the bottom half of America since the days of the Robber Barons more than a century ago
    Social Security? .... You almost fell for their Sh*t under George W Bush
    Can you Imagine if we let him privatize Social Security .......... after this Wall Street Meltdown?????icon_rolleyes.gif
    The Environment ..... Never mind that they side with business at every waking moment
    Climate Change? Sorry folks it's a done deal
    Tens of Thousands of fires in Russia? A piece of ice falls away from Greenland the size of the state of Connecticut?
    and now the last bumper sticker that we can frame and tell our grandkids
    Was Drill Baby Drill ....... what a fitting epitaph
    Social Change ...... By and Large the echo chamber that shouted the loudest was the Anti-Gay marriage klan
    basically comprised of right wing nutcases of the republican party

    For one hundred years the republican party has been on the wrong side of history
    * Social Security
    *Battling the Great depression
    *Civil Rights Legislation
    *Teaching Science in the Classroom
    and *Gay Rights

    My How Things Just Never Change
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    Aug 14, 2010 12:52 AM GMT
    LOL ..... Nah?

    Tell me One thing that isn't true

    You wanted it..... we lived it .... Now Own It