Sorry to all offended by the vulgarity..

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    Aug 14, 2010 6:54 PM GMT
    Sorry to mods or those offended by my vulgarity. He set me off. Still think he's a jerk.

    I was sincere in my post but won't post it again. But I at least wanted to answer this guy. Someone else asked a question/ answered that. I treat with respect those that treat me with respect the SOB I want -- I already have.

    HndsmKansan saidWell I don't understand this kind of thing particularly, don't really want to.
    The dominant/ submissive thing can be kind of interesting to consider, but I'd never want a submissive person and if a domineering kind of guy tried to "indoctrinate me", I'd probably threaten to kick his ass.

    If you're married, think about your regular life and have a sense of dignity. It might be thrilling during sex, but if you are being put into any kind of health or physical danger, tell him to fuck off and never see the SOB again.

    I did not think I was capable of this either. But I usually will try anything at least once. When this turns cold I will stop and easily so, I think.

    My wife knows I occasionally see other men. I am safe 'std wise' aim to keep it so. I really don't go outside the marriage often -- average 1 or 2 times every other year or so IF that.

    I will not put her in danger. but she also doesn't want to know what/when I get into. She knows I like rougher sex... yes she does want me not to end up dead in the hospital, whatever, we have discussed that. i am open with her she with me. but details no.

    My idea of marriage is also not yours, or most peoples and is not religious. so who is cheating and who is being honest with their .. ok admitted.. darker desires.

    the adrenalin thing -- that high that can last a day or so.
    the control thing -- not needing to think having your thought taken away, complete surrender. Never had the chanc e to do that before.

    The addictive nature of this is real. (the physical pain i can handle/mostly it is relieving actually/in many ways) it is the control he has over me that is worrying me. At times that worry turns to real fear. [but I can hear the laughter from here]

    I will handle this. Right now, it is therapy and hot and good and working. he does stop when I finally say enough. but I came into this for the abuse/mixed with sex. the violence leads to sex/ creates a space for it whatever -- it is a wiring thing -- not going to judge it. I certainly don't understand it all. But, to be a servant ..ok a whore.. is a different mindset. I wanted to understand why I feel as I do. It is not just stress but that is part of it.

    So if this was trolling. whatever.

    I am not wanting to string anyone along. You are not going to see me here that much if ever agia nafter this encounter. I'll get my answer(s) and then get on with life.

    sorry that guy pissed me off -- and he probably would try to track the guy down. so, sorry again for my vulgarity.

    I forget how bitchy these boards can get. oh well what could I possibly have expected. but I am quick to anger. It has a source. That source is being quenched for now.
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    Aug 14, 2010 9:07 PM GMT
    boi4all, perhaps consider this site for some info:

    If you had posted your topic in the sex/adult section of RJ things may have gone a little differently - that's what that forum is there for. icon_wink.gif

    Personally, we think you and your un- self controlled lover need to discuss something called 'safewords'.