I am saddened when I hear the story of Jesus and amazed by Buhda or whatever his name is..icon_lol.gif

I also believe these religious leaders have been reincarnated like everyone else. I know as a fact we live together as one spirit and RIGHT ABOUT THERE I believe in a loving God... Not a dictator, not satan in disguise, just an all knowing plane of existence. I believe that God is loving because whenever I need IT the most this incomprehensible God has been there. I also believe IT communicates through people in just about every way and can seem absent at times in every way. I believe Ernest Holmes followers put it best that "evil" is really another word for "ignorance". I don't believe in evil either... I know that is too broad of a statement and the many arguments against that but, when it comes down to the nitty gritty we are all ignorant in some way... If God is one and all there is, there cannot be evil. Ernest Holmes really gives me a headache though too.