One Love... A spiritual awakening?

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    Aug 18, 2010 6:17 AM GMT
    I had the most liberating day and up until this evening tonight that taught me a LOT of things... I have always believed even those that are "evil" are in search of love.

    I spent this day and evening with two friends of mine, one black and my age and one jewish and age 24. My black friend needed someone to drive him to his doctor because he has been on pain pills after a surgery. It was ironic that I happen to run into my doctor at this completely different hospital in a completely different City... We both know what's next in taking care of ourselves so we moved on and decided to go have some fun at the House Of Blues in Dowtown Disneyland.

    It was great, families coming up and asking for us to take a picture of them with such and such in the background, five outdoor bands and musicians playing the most original instruments I have ever seen, and most of all these two special people I was spending it all with.

    Afterwards we went to a park near my house and got into a conversation about our differences, which included everything from race to generation. I don't know why I for the first time felt so free but, I followed our deep conversation holding nothing back about my quiet nature when it comes to being Gay. These two guys are straight but, not like normal straight guys... Like higher human beings. What I learned is that I have accepted my differences in society and my next challenge is becoming a better human being... Not a better gay man, not a better Irish/Indian, not a better MAN...

    My black friend is very Christian and he made so much sense when he talked about whether we are men or women we are united as one... Thus there is an area of our spine that is shaped like a cross... I wasn't a Gay, Irish/Indian, male tonight... I was part of something much larger than that. To learn of unbiased perspectives from guys that were so far away from me yet, so damn close at heart I had no doubt in my mind that it is NOT up to me who my soul mate will be someday... It is up to God and whoever that ideal individual will be I will NOT have to go without Love while being on the waiting list.

    I had all the great criteria of a valuable relationship with the spirit today and tonight. I know now that the possibility of enjoying my life is not just something I can advertise but, participate and experience for myself. We talked about higher companions and lower companions but, without judging such, there we were right THERE in the center of the universe. I have never learned so much from my other straight friends I have known for 20 more than likely because I never took a chance.

    Before today my heart was so hard I probably would be dying from HIV/Kidney Disease/Cancer or whatever... The soul needs to be replenished as well... I always thought this but, I never really KNEW this before. We got plans to head up to Big Bear, camp in San Clemente and most definately... Go back to the House Of Blues... Our beginning of a new day and a new life that will remain changed forever.
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    Aug 18, 2010 6:23 AM GMT
    A lot can happen in the House of Blues. icon_wink.gif