The mosque to be build on ground Zero is food for lots of discussions I noticed.

It is scaring to see how many Americans never seemed to pay any attention to what has been going on in Europe for the past 15 years.

I love Americans. Patriotic, educated, eager ,sweet, fighters, lovers. But in this matter I see too much ignorance. Politically correct. That is what they ( we) want to be. Off course. We in Europe fought and still fight for equal rights as well. In many ways we are the same though there are significant differences. But that is something for later in another thread...

Never ever could we have expected that the civilized thoughts that we put in our constitutions would start to eliminate our free developed, civilized society, our freedom as we know Europe... attention...

The Islam is an idealolgy. Not a religion.

Before you start typing and give me your thoughts I want you to think, and think again. Look at the video at the bottom. It is in English, subtitled in Dutch. The filmmaker was Dutch and has been killed in 2004 for making this film. The woman is Somalian ( Islamic) by birth, became a Dutch politician later in life after leaving her country to save her life. She is living in the US now under protection because she is getting to much death threats now in Holland.

Do you Americans understand the real danger of the Islam? Forget political correct for a second and use your sane mind. Do you get it? I so much hope so.

Peace. ...for all.