My BEST diet advise for losing weight

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    Jun 05, 2007 11:49 PM GMT
    I dieted my way from 185 all the way up to 300 pounds. I did it on diets to lose weight!!! Finally I got the idea.


    Food doesn't run and jump into your mouth. YOU put it there. It's about YOU. WHY do you eat what you do? Hypoglycemic? Lonely? Bored? For a reward?


    I fad dieted my way to total obesity. I'd starve then scarf down so much as I was so hungry I'd end up eating more than I usually would have. I did the cabbage soup diet, McDougal's, Weight Watcher's, so so many diets. I felt I failed but the diet failed.


    Good intentions usually fail. Resolutions fail and then your subconscious mind knows you are a failure and you tell yourself that again and again, setting up for the next failure. Will power falls to hunger or what ever the motivation that powers your eating habits. You need to change the habbit then changing the eating is simple.

    My motivation to lose over 100 pounds was eating pizza at a restaurant. Three teenage girls were loud about their insults of me eating a pizza, fat as I was and in public. I broke down into tears and ran out of the restaurant. That was the motivation I needed. That was the last straw. As rude as they were, I bless those three to this day for helping me make a major change in my life.

    That motivation had me to the point if someone offered me $1,000 to eat a piece of pie I'd not do it. That's not will power, it's BELIEF. I changed my belief system.

    I got ANTHONY ROBBIN'S Personal Power 2 tape set. Awesome tools to change the inside. If you want something to change first YOU must change. His tape set showed me how to change my old belief system to a new belief system that served me, rather than eat me.

    I chose Atkin's diet. I could eat when I wanted and till I was satisfied. I loved big salads with real bacon, cheese and fatty dressings and ate them often. YOU find the diet plan YOU will stick to. Atkin's worked for me. I lost 107 pounds in 365 days effortlessly. I did not exercise for the first 6 months at all and the weight fell off. Then I was motivated to move. Hired a trainer and firmed up. At the end of the year, losing 107 pounds I had no skin sag and a 6 pack belly. I did take testosterone injections, per a doctor, low dose. I am guessing that helped with no skin sag and I'm 50 years old.

    I did very little cardio work outs per Dr Atkin's plan. When I started with the trainer I found weight loss did not change at all I averaged just over 2 pounds of weight loss a week.

    My doctor documented my labs from start to finish. He was so impressed with my cholesterol and triglycerides he went on Atkin's. All my bad numbers dropped by a third at least in the year and I was eating bacon and butter, whole eggs and fried vegetables. Low carb was the key.

    Again, Atkin's worked for ME. You need to find the diet play YOU can live with.

    After my weight loss I slowly went off the low carb diet as Atkin's directs (most Atkin's dieters overlook this important step). I'm working out heavier weights now, building muscle, not so into the numbers of pounds but how I look. I avoid excessive carbs in general and treat myself now and then to bread. No potatoes, no rice, no pasta. Lots of salads, veges, meats galore,ample fats of all kinds but mostly olive, canola and butter. I almost always fry my vegetables in fat, every single day, usually butter. Meats also are fryed in usually butter or butter and olive oil. It works for me.

    Fat doesn't make me fat but carbs sure do. Do what works for you.

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    Jun 06, 2007 5:57 AM GMT
    OMG, thank you , thank you , thank you. I read your story/advise and I believe that I am now werious about making a chang. I am not that over weight however, my body does not look like I would like it to. I have a big belly and skinny legs and arms. I am only 28 and I see older men that I know for a fact I dont want to look like when I get their age. I also dont feel attractive anymore and I feel that I cant find anyone as a result.

    So now that I've read your advise, I'm really ready to make it happen and get it together. Time out for all the excuses...

    I complain about being lazy, tired and short of time but I am ready to make the change.

    I will use this site to help me with the fight. I'll keep u informed on my progress.

    If you feel you may have any other advise for me, please feel free to share. Again thank you very much...GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!
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    Jun 24, 2007 6:38 PM GMT
    challenge your understanding not just buy a diet blindly

    The best diet is indeed the one you stick to but the only diet is one that gets you eating less calories. The make up of the macros ie protein carbs fat is only relevant to how you currently eat. If you tend to eat already carb high go with a diet that favours that if you go protein high then likewise.

    hose that fail with diets are ones that do a wholesale change to their lifestyle and end up with too great a sacrifice
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    Jul 26, 2010 5:23 PM GMT
    OP, that was very well done. I wish you success in getting where you need to be. People can be so cruel about weight. My mom is prejudiced against obese people. She can be very cruel and I don't know why she's so against them. I'm 6'3" and have a pretty large build, but I'm at 270 and I'm too heavy. I can't move around on the tennis court for more tha 4-5 games and then I get severely fatigued. I got there by poisoning my body with fast food at least 3x/wk for the past 10 months. I had a difficult schedule at work and I didn't care about my fitness. Instead of going to the gym at least 3x/wk, I wound up going 3x/mo.

    I'm in the beginning stages of turning things around, but I wrote myself a note on my table that says: No pizza, no fries, no ice cream, no fast food.
    These are the items that got me into trouble, so I decided I'd better cut them out of my diet. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I eat Greek vanilla yogurt and fruit that's in season. I do enjoy some of the other sweet things I indulged in heavily in the past, but now only in moderation and only once/wk. Portions are important. I eat a lot more veggies now and make sure that when I do buy veggies that I prepare them almost immediately. I used to buy good food with intentions to eat it, and then just let it sit in the fridge til it went bad, then had to throw it out! Wasted money!

    I really hope to turn things around by using self-control and discipline.

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    Aug 01, 2010 6:53 AM GMT
    I am glad you proved those stupid bitches wrong. I am sure they are in a trailer park, barefoot somewhere. I have been over weight most of my life and have recently begun to change that. (Down 35 lbs now and about twice that to go). I know how upsetting it is to think people are saying something, much less actually hear them. I am glad you used it for good. icon_biggrin.gif
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    Aug 04, 2010 6:22 PM GMT

    works. in 2 months i was down 22 pounds, no exercise, no gym. the only thing that sucks is to try and limit your carb intake everyday to under 20g.

    that is so hard, but you get used to it.
    and weight drops off without working out. then you re-adjust and get on a plan which you introduce more carbs to your diet.

    it is willpower, and i cut out my vitamin waters and reg sodas went to diet . it will work in a month, just stick to it.
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    Aug 05, 2010 5:19 AM GMT
    The best diet is indeed the one you stick to but the only diet is one that gets you eating less calories. The make up of the macros ie protein carbs overweight is only relevant to the way you currently eat. In case you tend to eat already carb high go with a diet that favours that in case you go protein high then likewise....