Are you afraid of YOUR OWN ghosts???

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    Aug 21, 2010 7:49 AM GMT
    This is brave of me believe it or not because I have always been smashed into the rocks on a one time fantastic surf adventure in the waves over troubled waters but, does a lack of a human body disturb you? I would bring this up to straight friends and get nothing but a higher pedestal but with the gays I get a grudge from the charcoals of existence.

    Is it not that beautiful that we could not get along on a deserted island just talking about in what ways our last names could be related to eachother here on the movie screen of God's most fantastic movie yet? Why are we so far apart when we suffered SO MUCH THE SAME in our growing years never knowing we had eachother here all along no matter what color or creed?

    Does nobody know how incredibly we are gifted enough to put down the shaving cream and razor blade and realize our souls were not just meant to be with ONE ANOTHER but, EACHOTHER? I am alone yet I am not alone because of the bread crumbs you left behind.

    I try to catch up and I try to slow down but, I can never compare to what is by legacy just a part of myself here wanting to hold every one of you and yet do my job on this earth which means I have to let go of you. If I could only tell you fast enough in spite of all you gather in a day how much my life was not only built around you but, seeking acceptance of my own will, I would find you that blue pearl in the shell along the way to my new life.

    i guess sometimes as corny as it sounds i wish we could finish this sexual moment and really hold eachother together for once as a miracle of survival. I LIVED IT AND SO DID YOU. We were looking for eachother in the hidden hallways that were vacated by our own kind long before we ever met here on a bulletin board in the spontaneous moves of technology.

    This is not about LOVE in the grand black and white movie theater... This is trying to tell you I know who you are in the love of my own temple of hope where someday we will shake hands for crossing paths here on this sand spec of a planet on our way to dreams we will never analyze until thousands of years from now when we find turning in our graves just means choosing a different star than the one we have now.

    I will miss you then no matter how stubborn we are, I will believe in the promises that my parents teach when it ever came down to inspiration. So have sex and the lust, I want what is left over the Ace in the stack and that is you whether I become male of female in the next lifetime... That is you because we already fought the long fight never realizing we were together until now.

    Maybe it is nuts to imagine we will recognize one another on a deserted island in the middle of the milky way before I feel so desperate to let go of the dream.
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    Aug 21, 2010 8:02 AM GMT
    Shit, I don't know what I am trying to say but the miracle of survival of our species means more to me than a one night stand all of a sudden. Maybe I built you up too big in my mind or maybe I am still struggling with what is too small for me to see... No matter how I analyze it your words still come out real and I am forever trying to be prepared for the end of the story here in a free country where I am allowed to be myself because of who you really are. My depressive states have no cure without you and the differences that are so close and apart. A lover is not what I need... A society that acts as the same would be sufficient enough to fill the void I guess is what I mean.
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    Aug 21, 2010 9:56 AM GMT
    Sorry guys... We meet on so many various levels but, one streak of racism drama and I am out the door... I can't explain the lower levels you are on if indeed you see me as that when I defend literature because I am hanging on to it more than I am hanging on to this world. We move on, we remember our mistakes AGAIN AND AGAIN as we meet on the same grounds... I cannot argue ignorance. I have WAY too many things to do and places to go right now and this is good-bye once and for all... Celebrate... Light candles.. do whatever... I am looking to influence the masses, not some egocentric battleground I TRULY thought was over. I need my friends, not a social network of liberal cheats and cons when it comes to my emotional trust and distrust. Play chess after you are done fucking screwing... Play monopoly if you don't care for that... BUT DO NOT send me anymore letters that come from that little tiny space you have been playing with because that space is my emotion and as far as I have witnessed it is the emotion of what you consider the weakest of the herd around here. I TEND to like participating on SPORTS website forums better which Surfermag is at the top of my list. Aloha and Goodbye. I even know private networks of the surfers there as well... Don't try to catch up with me unless you know how to humble yourself before your maker.. I don't think we share the same one anymore.