currently i live in Ohio near columbus,
i have lived in Virgina for a while and before that grew up in North Carolina.
I have been moving far too much though... and alot of the time its very very unprepared.

right now the biggest thing that im thinking about that will affect moving negitivly is not having a car. I really dont like Ohio and dont really know what made me thing it was ok to move here or i would like it. I want to Move to Florida which is highly likely unless i stay here for another year or 2. I'm Considering moving to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Any advice or input you would like to give me.

Also I'm Planning to Move in October which really isnt that far from now. I dont want to sign a new lease with my landlord the end of the year since he never fixes anything.. at i fell its the perfect time for a change. There really isnt a Rush to move out of State or even to a different house but Im growing tried of living here and plus i lived here in Ohio for 2 winters and NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!!! icon_evil.gif

EDIT: It does fell like time is moving to fast to make a final desision but i work better with the presure... i guess icon_rolleyes.gif