Bugger...now what?

  • Kage

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    Aug 25, 2010 12:32 PM GMT
    So I deleted my mahhunt profile...too many guys playing games, cheating on their boyfriends or looking for the love of their life.

    Now, I am back to old fashioned hunting...I'm stumped.
    I'm used to online hook-ups - like the pic and profile, click click cum.

    I don't like clubs or bars all that much.
    Now what?
    What do you do at gym for instance? How do you follow up or know that a guy is interested?

    The old hunting senses seem to have been dulled by online hookups.
    Advice please.icon_neutral.gif
  • drypin

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    Aug 25, 2010 1:44 PM GMT
    gay sports clubs or other events tend to attract a lot of potential. If there's anything like that in your area... check it out.
  • Timbales

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    Aug 25, 2010 1:59 PM GMT
    are you looking to hook-up or date?
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    Aug 25, 2010 4:59 PM GMT
    Manhunt is like every other hookup/dating site there is. The people you see there are the same people you see everywhere else be it on another site or another bar.

    If you are just looking for a hook up you have to learn to not get caught up in games. You have to learn to be up front about what you want and avoid people looking for love.

    Trying a different venue is just moving to a different bar in the same club.
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    Aug 25, 2010 5:15 PM GMT
    Kage saidThe old hunting senses seem to have been dulled by online hookups.
    Advice please.icon_neutral.gif

    Not sure what to tell you. My online successes were mostly with AOL gay chat rooms, before that service went to hell. I chatted guys first in a mostly non-sexual environment, unlike ones such as manhunt, and something might develop from that, after I had time to get a feeling for the guy.

    So Timberoo's question is a good one -- what is your goal? Quick lay or meaningful relationship?

    Also, there's an art to gay bar cruising. Those places have both pitfalls & rewards. I have no idea what Cape Town has to offer, and if the game is played differently than in the US. So I'm not sure if my advice in that regard would have any application. But I used to be VERY good at gay bar cruising, on this side of the Atlantic.
  • Kage

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    Aug 26, 2010 6:13 AM GMT
    Thanks guys.

    I am just looking for some no strings hookup aka fuck fun.
    I am in an open relationship and we both have our fun on the outside but neither of us require anything other than that.

    Thanks munching zombies.
    I try to avoid games...but the games people play will have you playing along by choice or not.

    He sounds all lusty and hot over the phone but when it comes to actually meeting up, there is always "something" that comes up and it is not his cock.
    Or when you have a guy after your ass and make it clear not while he has a boyfriend and then when he is actually single (they broke up...icon_rolleyes.gif ) he is looking for something more than just an nsa hookup...wtf?
    Or the guy that is all randy for you and likes the profile and the pics and everything and then he says, yeah sure we'll hookup later today and he'll confirm in the afternoon of the time and address and the time comes and goes and there is no confirmation and then you ask him what happened and his reply to you is "I was busy."
    I then ask myself: "What the fuck happened to common courtesy?"

    Or the lame excuse guys where you meet a hot guy at the gym, great body, cock etc.
    Meet in the parking lot afterwards, liked me and I liked him, a couple of gropes and a hookup time was set...I phoned to confirm (courtesy call) he is going to a wedding........did he not know about the wedding 3 days ago?

    Then there are the no-strings-but-looking-for-love guys.
    The sex was great the 1st time and then the 2nd time it was even better, you're both comfortable and you both chat and chill together and then you message for a 3rd round because this might be a great fuckbuddy and...nothing.
    Not even a reply to your message or calls...
    Then weeks later you run into a friend and this friend tells you that he met a guy that knows you and that he wanted a lot more than what you were willing to give...and the description is the guy that never returned your message or calls. icon_neutral.gif

    I am assuming from this history that:
    A) Games will be played and you will play them whether you want to or not.
    B) NSA might not always stay NSA.
    C) All of the above.