"Tigerlillies and dragonflies, pigtails and curls, rhinestones and glitter, happy gay boys and girls..."

When the calendar clicked over 2002, I claimed it as a year of execution. It represented me executing the plans and goals I'd dreamed of the year before. It also represented me eliminating or setting aside my personal fears and frustrations. My motivation was the happy times ahead and the idea that my fellow comrades would also set aside their fears and limitations and join me in the celebration of ourselves and our gay lives.

And what better time to celebrate than the summer of...Yes, I leave the description blank so you may enter in whatever name you like and claim it as your own. Just make sure it represents festive times ahead and the celebration of yourself.

Why did I choose the summer of 2002 to begin executing? Well, ever year the planets designate the summer as a time of expression, life and fun. The winds sing the tune of freedom, the clouds clear a path for the sun and the boys and girls strip off those fashionable layers to reveal what is to be the most exciting and scandalous time of the year.

From Central Park to the beaches of Miami, the streets fill with eye-catching treats. Everyone claims the summer as his or hers. They are free to undress; free to meet people and spread joy; and most of all free to be gay!

Summer is the time of most major gay pride parades, film festivals and celebrations. To some, these gay festivities of the summer represent a time to embrace their identities. To others it’s an open political and social forum. Thousands march and celebrate all over the world. It’s the gay world’s moment in the spotlight. New York City boasts the largest pride parade in the country. This year Grand Marshalls GOAL, FIREFLAG and Karla Jay will kick off the march starting at noon on Sunday, June 30 in Manhattan.

And how can we forget the 26th San Francisco International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on June 13-30. Film lovers get an extra week of film and fun this year in the gay mecca of the country. Also, this summer the ladies will roam 650 acres of land at the highly anticipated Womyn’s Music Festival on August 13-18 in Walhalla, MI.

The brave souls that march and raise their voices do it for you and me. They celebrate for all those gay, bi and straight. They even march for the transgender kid who sits alone in his room too afraid to go to school for fear of violence and rejection. They send a message that an inclusive world accepts everyone regardless of their sexuality and has no tolerance for hate crimes. Gay Pride is about being proud, free, and accepting of all. It challenges the stereotypes, defamation and discrimination faced by all those gay.

Join in the celebration in whatever way can. Whether you’re in a parade, a spectator in a crowd or enjoying the festivities from the privacy of your own home, be proud and yell loudly if not above a whisper. There is a long road ahead, but our voices will be heard as they have been since monumental movements such as Stonewall. So, strip those layers boys and girls, summer is here and it’s time to educate and celebrate!

"Rollerskates and disco lights, happy hour and teas, tight jeans and sleeveless shirts, cosmos and dreams..."

Wishing You Joy and Gay Life Success,
David G.